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Live Webcast, Friday 1 May 2009:
Swine Flu Defense - Ancient, time-tested knowledge for a deadly epidemic

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1 May 2009

A Special Live Webcast, 8PM CST, Friday May 1, 2009

Subject: Swine Flu Defense - Ancient, Time-Tested knowledge for a Deadly Epidemic

Immunity Is a Specialty of Maharishi Ayurveda

In response to growing concerns and questions about swine flu, author and women's health expert Nancy Lonsdorf, MD will answer questions and provide more information on boosting immunity in a special live webcast on ''Swine Flu and Ayurvedic Tools for Immunity'', Friday May 1st, 2009 at 8:00 PM US CST.

Click here to join the web-cast:

This webcast will offer you the opportunity to ask questions and receive answers on the air.

Dr. Lonsdorf explains, ''There are many powerful Maharishi Ayurveda immunity boosting tools — most are deceptively simple. But each has power and a sophisticated physiological foundation. Immunity is a specialty of Maharishi Ayurveda. There are dozens of time-tested immune boosting techniques.''

Dr. Lonsdorf will explain the how and why during the webcast. A few examples include:

* Use specialized immune boosting herbs and herbal blends. A class of Ayurvedic herbal mixtures called ''rasayanas'' are shown in scientific studies to boost immunity. One, called Amrit Kalash, particularly nourishes and rejuvenates the mind and body.

* Eat nourishing, warm food; cooked with the immune-enhancing spices or ''churnas''. Churnas are mixtures of flavorful botanicals known to have immune boosting effects.

* Reduce ''ama'', or impurities with both traditional ayurvedic herbal formulations and warm, light, nourishing organic foods such as soups, or light meals of mildly spiced vegetables with grains such as quinoa, cous cous and millet.

* Avoid eating or drinking anything cold during meals — the ''why'' of this may surprise many people.

* Do a daily warm herbalized sesame oil massage.

Dr. Lonsdorf will present additional techniques for boosting the strength of the immune system to help ward off dangerous contagious diseases.

''The immune system is like a highly trained army. Nourished and strengthened it's an extraordinarily effective protector, warding off viruses, bacteria and other pathogens. But the army is only as strong as the support for it, '' says Dr Lonsdorf, a Johns Hopkins trained physician. ''Swine flu is a deadly threat; a potential pandemic. If you think western medicine is the only answer, you're selling yourself dangerously short. Just because there is no drug to block this virus, we are not helpless. We can enhance our body's defenses — our 'army'.''

Lonsdorf, an expert in Maharishi Ayurveda, a comprehensive natural system of medicine and healing, explains: ''For over 5000 years Maharishi Ayurveda has relied on immune-boosting techniques to protect public health in times of epidemic. These protective pro-active tools — including herbs, lifestyle adjustments, specific foods and daily practices — offer significant protection. There are hundreds of studies and many people alive today because they kept their immune systems strong.''

Her advice is echoed by John Peterson, MD, an Indiana physician and long-standing member of the county board of health. ''If you think that these are merely 'folk remedies' with no real power or validity, you're missing the Mercedes parked in your garage. These historic tools of immune strengthening have lasted precisely because they work so well. They are both powerful, and effective — and sometimes deceptively simple. Don't mistake simplicity for lack of power. Modern medicine has its place, and so does ancient medicine.'' Peterson, a family practitioner, often includes Maharishi Ayurveda advice in his recommendations to patients. ''Swine flu is a real public health threat. We have the responsibility and knowledge to 'avert the danger that has not yet come'. We let Nature do the heavy lifting by creating a strong defense in advance of the pathogen's arrival,'' Peterson says. ''Ayurveda offers easy, inexpensive ways to enhance your immunity.''

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