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Maharaja Adhiraj Raja Raam's historic address on the presentation of his new book Ramayana in Human Physiology - Part V, Conclusion
by Global Good News staff writer

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26 April 2008

During the recent global celebration of Raam Navami, Maharaja Adhiraj Raja Raam was presented with the first copy of his new book, Ramayana in Human Physiology. This presentation, on the Maharishi Global Family Chat, marked the beginning of a special three-day celebration at the International Capital of the Global Country of World Peace in MERU, Holland, in honour of the completion of this highly significant work.

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Maharaja Adhiraj Raja Raam concluded his historic address following the presentation, giving a profound and detailed account of the fulfilment of his research on Ramayana in Human Physiology.

Maharaja explained that in the first few weeks after his Coronation*, Maharishi asked him to work on the Ramayana. 'Within a couple of months I had the whole story probably exactly figured out. Then to come were all the details and the connections, and it was really a joy to ponder it, and do research, and comparative research.' Maharaja related how he also asked the help of 'great scientists, Dr Robert Keith Wallace, Dr Walter Molk',** and others, who researched in physiology texts for details like: 'how many branches is this artery, how many branches is this, is there a variation, how many structures are there?', and in this way they helped to put together these many different items, allowing Maharaja to put them together with the physiology.

'It's really, really great', Maharaja said. 'The experience is wonderful in the sense that, even though it was possible to figure it out—every time I figured something out, it wasn't that I did it, that I looked for it and I found it. It was always what Maharishi told me to do in the research: Yo jagara tam Richah kamayante—He who is awake, then the Richas [verses of the Veda], by themselves they come to you. So all I had to do was have it in my awareness and let go, and then suddenly in a moment it would just come clearly. Not even necessarily on a systematic research basis, but almost on that intuitive level; [and which was] also, of course, confirmed later by research in it again, and counting it again, etc.

'It really has come out incredibly satisfying, because truly everything in the Ramayana—everything—is in our human physiology. And the interactions; the sequence of interactions; the meaning of the plot; the characters, their appearance, and the timings and the intricate relationships they have; and the details—[for example] having been made to wait a little bit on the door; and then getting upset and doing something; having then gone into the cave; then he forgot him and also something wrong happened, he closed the door on him—these things that one could not imagine on a physiological level—they're actually a living reality in our human physiology.

'And that's really, really beautiful', Maharaja said, 'because it does show us that truly the story of life, the story of Natural Law expressing itself, and playing with itself—always new, always different, but always the same—is all counted in our one human physiology. We are so fortunate to have that ability to be aware of total Natural Law.

'I think Brahma*** himself is so satisfied when he sees one individual consciousness grow to the level of experience, of Wholeness; and Natural Law getting to that full value of itself and a physiology that can experience pure Being; and the infinite rigidity actually is infinite flexibility—that infinite silence is infinite dynamism, that very well-defined time and space and phenomenon is actually at the same time the field of all possibilities—all possibilities. Because when we enliven those two qualities, of pure structure of Natural Law, automatically the reality of pure Being, which is infinitely flexible, dawns on our awareness, and then nothing is impossible. Every possibility is there. The rest becomes a point of view—a desire of where to transform what into what, and do what to become what—from the level of our pure Being.

'Maharishi has given us all that knowledge, of how to bring our physiology back in alliance with Natural Law, and how to transform the life of the whole society to be just one symphony of Natural Law, one symphony of creation. One beautiful musical sound which means harmony, which means peace, which means bliss, which means beauty, which means all that is good. And that is simply alliance with the self-referral level of pure Being, and then the rest follows.

'Of course in the meantime, as we are aligning with the Self, with pure Being, we can have things to help us from the environment, from food, from [our daily] routine, from the thinking, from what we put our attention on, all of this grows in our life.

'The Ramayana is that perfect story that tells us that every one of us is Wholeness, Totality—every human being, no matter what religion, no matter what belief system, . . . whatever race, whatever colour, it doesn't matter—everyone is total Natural Law, in fact everything in creation is total Natural Law. At least we know for us as a human being, that we have that structure that allows us to experience, totally and fully, in a living structure which is defined and rigid—total infinite possibility and infinite flexibility.

'The Ramayana is that story of how Raam ultimately is taken into all of this just to collect all the different aspects that are missing and are not aligned; and when all of them are aligned with Raam, then the reign of Raam comes. So his story of fighting, bringing that thing back, destroying this and doing that, is only a story of realigning, realigning, taking back everything to be under the control of the higher levels of brain functioning so that Wholeness reigns and no part of the body is causing trouble or causing problems—no part of the physiology is not aligned.

'Raam just travels from the level of his divine consciousness in the brain—meaning at that level of the physiology that actually dominates or leads Wholeness—and that part only becomes aware and aligns everything, then he comes back home to Ayodhya and settles. And there is the reign of Raam. So it is a beautiful story of personal enlightenment, and aligning human physiology with total Natural Law.

'I really feel, of course, infinitely grateful, and feel that it all has happened only because of Maharishi's attention, his guidance and his directions, his corrections, and his enlivenment of the awareness of certain values, how they are Natural Law, and they are structures. He has seen it all, he has discovered it all, but he wanted the science of today, . . . the language of today, to express it. I feel it was my great honour and joy to be able to translate his thoughts and wishes into these physiological terms, and I hope you will all enjoy this book and enjoy the Ramayana as everybody's human physiology, the story of getting enlightened as Raam lives within every one of us. And as total Natural Law, as Mother Divine, as the holistic value of all Rishis and all Rajas throughout creation of part of our inner deep selves, or the Devatas,**** they are there within every one of us. And that makes us really a sublime human being.

'Every one of us is that Totality, and we have that proof now from our experience, and from this research in the Unified Field that shows us that reality, and research in physiology that shows that physiology is consciousness. Every field of research, if one looks into it carefully, will find that it's the same Natural Law, just in different different expressions. Jai Guru Dev.'

Following the extended applause from the assembled Ministers and Rajas at the conclusion of Maharaja Adhiraj Raja Raam's historic address, Dr Peter Swan, Minister of Communications of the Global Country of World Peace, said, 'Maharaja, you have really blessed us with Total Knowledge this evening. Maharishi said, in the tape this evening [played at the beginning of the celebration], ''Raja Raam has realized the pinnacle of Vedic Knowledge—Aham Brahmasmi, I am Totality.'' And he said, and through scientific research, Maharaja has discovered Tat Tvam asi—also you are Totality. And that all this is also Brahm, Totality. And this we now really had the flavour of this evening, with this great, great shower of Total Knowledge.'

* On 12 October 2000, Maharaja Adhiraj Raja Raam was crowned as the First Sovereign Ruler of the Global Country of World Peace.

** Dr Wallace is the founding president of Maharishi University of Management, USA, and an eminent expert and researcher in Maharishi's Vedic Approach to Health, who conducted the pioneering research on the physiological effects of Transcendental Meditation. Dr Molk is Deputy Minister of Health of the Global Country of World Peace.

*** The impulse of Natural Law expressing the quality of infinite creativity.

**** The administering intelligence of Natural Law.

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