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Presentation on the 47 departments of Maharishi Vedic Hospitals at the Parliament of Invincible Nations November 2007
by Global Good News staff writer

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23 November 2007

Maharishi Hospitals and Colleges of Vedic Medicine offer doctors and patients a complete assembly of diagnostic techniques, treatments, and procedures to establish perfect health around the globe. At the Parliament of Invincible Nations November 2007, held in MERU, The Netherlands, Dr Walter Molk presented the unique features of Maharishi Hospitals and Colleges of Vedic Medicine, which draw from all the current successful medical, herbal, and alternative treatments.

Primarily, the knowledge and procedures offered will come from Maharishi Ayur-Veda, the ancient system of health care, which provides a complete system for preventing disease by enlivening the body's own intelligence and by maintaining balance on all levels.

Dr Molk presented the impressive list of forty-seven different departments planned for Maharishi Hospitals and Colleges of Vedic Medicine. He explained that these forty-seven departments offer the most natural system of health care. They offer the first health-care system of our time to overcome the deficiencies of modern medicine with its harmful side effects.

When the patient comes, he just wants relief. Maharishi Medical Colleges and Hospitals of Vedic Medicine will offer a wide range of diagnostic procedures, without invasive procedures. Maharishi Vedic Medicine will encompass all that is useful, which does not have harmful side effects. This includes what is useful from modern medicine and alternative systems of health care. In addition, Maharishi Hospitals and Medical Colleges of Vedic Medicine will take into account the environment of the patient, his near environment—the house he lives in—and the further cosmic influences of the planets and stars.

Another unique feature of Maharishi Hospitals and Medical Colleges of Vedic Medicine is that they will offer seasonal procedures to eliminate toxins, which can cause disease. The focus of these preventative Maharishi Ayur-Vedic procedures is to enliven the healing intelligence of the body and to reverse the aging process. Dr Molk quoted the motto: 'As the age advances, the age prolongs.'

Dr Molk also pointed out that these hospitals and medical colleges will only offer Maharishi Vedic Organic food and be housed in buildings constructed according to the principles of Maharishi Sthapatya Veda, in order to bring the best possible influences from the environment.

Dr Molk presented an overview of the buildings, which would comprise the Maharishi Vedic hospitals. These include a Maharishi Diagnostic Centre, a Maharishi Integrative Health Clinic for more advanced diagnosis and treatment, a Maharishi In-residence Treatment Centre for men and one for ladies, a Maharishi Prevention Centre and Spa for men and one for ladies, a Maharishi Exhibition Centre for Total Knowledge and Health, a Maharishi College of Vedic Medicine for Men, and a Maharishi College of Vedic Medicine for Ladies. Through these facilities, which will be established throughout the world, the global population will be able to approach gaining perfect health from different angles.

The following list names some thirty-seven of the forty-seven departments of Maharishi Hospitals and Medical Colleges of Vedic Medicine, presented by Dr Molk to the delegates attending the Parliament of Invincible Nations. It presents the wide scope and potential effectiveness of these colleges and hospitals:

1.Department of Ayur-Vedic Diet and Nutrition Therapy
2.Department of Ayur-Veda Rejuvenation Therapy
3.Department of Ayur-Vedic Purification Therapy—Panchakarma
4.Department of Ayur-Vedic and Marma Therapy
5.Department of Ayur-Vedic Pediatrics and Women's Therapy
6.Department of Music Therapy and Gandharva Veda
7.Department of Vedic Dance Therapy
8.Department of Sound Therapy and Mantra Therapy
9.Department of Jyotish and Yagya
10.Department of Yoga Therapy
11.Department of Primary Care and Integrative Medicine (out-patient)
12.Diagnostic Department
13.Department of Laboratory Medicine (blood tests)
14.Department of Internal Medicine and Ultra Sound
15.Department of Colour and Light Therapy
16.Department of Aroma Therapy
17.Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine
18.Department of Chiropractic
19.Department of Osteopathy
20.Department of Hydrotherapy
21.Department of Natural Therapy
22.Department of Modern Medicine
23.Department of Biological Medicine
24.Department of Neuroscience
25.Department of Micro-biology
26.Department of Anatomy
27.Department of Physiology
28.Department of Pathology
29.Department of Pharmacology
30.Department of Gynecology
31.Department of Urology
32.Department of Ophthalmology
33.Department of Dentistry
34.Department of Physical Medicine, Physical Therapy, and Rehabilitation
35.Department of Prevention
36.Department of Environmental Medicine
37.Department of Herbalogy

This list offers at a glance, the comprehensive range of Maharishi Hospitals and Colleges of Vedic Medicine. Through these hospitals and colleges, patients will have the opportunity to find solutions and cures; and those who are well, will be able to prolong their good health.

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