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Dr Robert Schneider discusses a paper by Dr Steven Schroeder in the New England Journal of Medicine - Part II
by Global Good News Staff Writer

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7 October 2007

In a recent Global Family Chat, broadcast live by satellite and over the Internet on the Maharishi Channel, Dr Robert Schneider talked about resolving the contributing factors to premature mortality through Maharishi Ayur Veda.

In Part I of this article, Dr Schneider looked at each of the contributing factors to the US mortality rate in the light of consciousness and Maharishi's Vedic Science.

Dr Schneider said that so far we've come to find that 90% of the known causes of mortality are actually based on consciousness, and are thus amenable to consciousness-based technologies.

We are left with 10% from the modern medicine point of view, which is related to health care—the drugs doctors give you, surgery, and diagnostic tests.

In the new hospitals and colleges of Maharishi Vedic Medicine, health care will be provided for the 10% of causes of death that require health care interventions of this kind. Primarily natural medicines or herbal products will be there, physiological purification techniques, and Vedic diagnostic procedures.

There will be consciousness-based health care for that few per cent of causes of death that have been identified as requiring those, said Dr Schneider.

Dr Schneider then pointed out that in his article in the New England Journal of Medicine, Dr Schroeder quotes a famous study of behavioural causes of death in the US including smoking, which is the number one cause of premature mortality in the US, and number two, obesity, which is sometimes linked with inactivity.

'Modern medicine is not very successful in reducing smoking,' said Dr Schneider. 'On a good day, modern interventions reduce smoking by an average of 10%. In his article, Dr Schroeder says that if we could reduce smoking by 10%, we would be saving 16 million lives in the US alone per year, even with that modest intervention.'

Dr Schneider then showed a graphic from the article, which was a summary of the studies of consciousness-based approaches to reducing smoking. 131 published studies on smoking cessation showed the relative effects of self-help kits and various forms of counseling and pharmacological intervention at the time this study was done; there was also research on conventional approaches.

Finally the graphic showed the effects of the Transcendental Meditation on reducing smoking, even though there are no specific instructions to stop smoking, but only instructions to transcend, and experience the Unified Field of Natural Law at the basis of one's mind and body.

On this basis of enlivening the Unified Field of Natural Law, there are spontaneous changes in behaviour and this effects smoking, said Dr Schneider. 'As shown in the graphic, the effects are more than twice as great and several times more than other conventional approaches to smoking cessation, indicating that this is a programme that would be very effective in reducing the number one preventable behavioural cause of mortality in the US.'

Dr Schneider then talked about how the Maharishi Vedic Medicine technology of Transcendental Meditation affects a factor very much related to obesity, which is also related to diabetes and heart disease.

In Charak Samhita, one of the texts of Maharishi Ayur Veda, it says of all the major body types, and of all the major abnormal types of body composition, obesity is the worst. So there is an agreement between Ayur Veda and modern medicine that obesity is deadly.

'Fortunately though this procedure of Maharishi Vedic Medicine, Transcendental Meditation reverses insulin resistance, a major biochemical correlate of obesity, which causes diabetes and heart disease, which then cause mortality. Even amongst diabetics the effects are even more dramatic.

'We can see that 40% of the causes of mortality are fairly easily reduced or reversed by the simple practice of the Transcendental Meditation programme. The other 30% of mortality, at least according to the modern calculations which is somewhat similar to the Vedic medicine perspective, Maharishi Ayurveda does discuss how one does have health tendencies. This is elaborated by Maharishi Jyotish, which says there are influences that effect the trends in our life from birth, but those can also be modulated or neutralized by Maharishi Vedic Medicine technologies.

'Social circumstances, another 15%, can be modified by Maharishi Sthapatya Veda building and community design, such as the ideal community design in Maharishi Vedic City, which is a model for the whole world.

'Finally for that 10% there are Maharishi Vedic Medicine Hospitals for covering those imbalances that have come to a more expressed level, which need a physiological form of treatment.

In conclusion, Dr Schneider said that we appreciate modern medicine for pointing out how the majority, if not all, causes of mortality are consciousness-based. 'We appreciate that sign from modern medicine,' said Dr Schneider, 'and now modern medicine has taken us to the doorstep where Maharishi Vedic technologies can take us the rest of the way that modern medicine has not. Because in the US, which is, after all, the premier country of modern medicine, we have seen that it's amongst the lowest in health in all developed nations.

'So the 'pinnacle of modern medicine' is number 28 amongst those societies with modern medicine. So it is not going to take us to number one. Only these Vedic Technologies can, and we've discussed the reasons why and we've reviewed some of the scientific studies that support them.'

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