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Consciousness-Based Health Care for realizing higher states of consciousness--Dr Rogers Badgett
by Global Good News Staff Writer

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25 August 2007

Speaking at a Global Press Conference on Unified Field-Based Health, Dr Rogers Badgett, Raja (Administrator) of the Global Country of World Peace in the United States, founder of the world's first Ayurvedic health spa, The Raj, and consultant for all the Maharishi Spas and health facilities throughout the US, spoke about the importance of a balanced and holistic functioning of our physiology for rising to higher states of consciousness.

Please see the first part of Dr Badgett's presentation.

Continuing his talk on Maharishi's Consciousness-Based Health Care, Dr Badgett said that we have seen that a balanced physiology means a unified physiology. 'Your body, your physiology is an exhibit of the unified functioning of [all its] diverse elements. . . . If its functioning is not harmonious, not unified, then we start to have a compromised immune system, for example. This holistic functioning in the human physiology is of utmost importance. . . Unified functioning is really the basis for immortality, and immortality by definition includes invincibility.'

Dr Badgett showed a chart of the Meissner Effect in physics, in which the coherence in a super conductor naturally expels any disorder within the system or coming from outside the superconductor. ''Very interestingly', said Dr Badgett, 'the human physiology exhibits the same qualities of invincibility that we see in the Meissner Effect. . . . That's how the human physiology was designed, and it shows the true potential of the human physiology.

'That's what the immune system is for; that's what the largest organ in the body, the skin, is for—to protect against [any negative] outside influence, so the coherence in the physiology remains undisturbed, it remains invincible. This is . . . how well designed and beautiful the human physiology is, and how it functions. . . . Being able to maintain coherence in the proper functioning in the human physiology is of utmost importance.'

Dr Badgett then spoke about the principle of spontaneous right action in higher states of consciousness. 'We've all heard that ''As you sow so shall you reap.'' If we make a mistake, then that is reflected back to us from the cosmos. How do we avoid this, because it can impact our invincibility, our properly functioning physiology. The way we avoid it is by not making mistakes—by spontaneous right action.

'Spontaneous right action comes from a higher level of consciousness, not drowsy consciousness, but a fully enlightened, a fully awake human physiology, growing, radiant, making no mistakes. In fact not only not making mistakes, but supporting the entire cosmos by proper decisions, spontaneous right action in accord with all the laws of Nature,' said Dr Badgett.

'This is the value of Maharishi's health care system also—to reach the highest states of consciousness. We're not talking about just health, and lack of disease in human physiology. We're speaking of something far, far beyond that, a very high level of consciousness, so that we support the universe. We support ourselves, our society, our country, our world, our planet, and the universe by our proper actions.

'We do this by using the techniques we have discussed and we find that
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi is offering complete Vedic health care to every person in our world, just at a time when it is most needed,' said Dr Badgett.

'Perfect health starts at the basis of thought. And the basis of thought is the Unified Field. The physical body itself has its beginnings in the Unified Field. Consciousness makes a home for itself, and the body manifests. The universe is also an expression of this process. Both the body and the universe are the home of consciousness. The universe affects us, and we affect the universe. This is truly wholeness moving in itself.

'The universe and our bodies are the expression of this immortal field of consciousness, this invincible field of consciousness. So to be connected to this field is of ultimate importance—of ultimate importance for your health and your enjoyment of life. Perfect health means harmonious and balanced functioning of the physiology, which also in effect means a peaceful, invincible physiology.

'And it just so happens that world peace starts with each of our own peaceful, invincible physiology,' Dr Badgett concluded. 'This is the greatness and the vision that Maharishi, through Guru Dev* and the Holy Tradition, has brought to us over the last 50 years—this very vital, necessary knowledge for the world today.'

*Maharishi's Master, Shri Guru Dev, His Divinity Brahmanand Saraswati, Jagatguru Shankaracharya of Jyotir Math, Himalayas, to whom Maharishi gives all credit for the total Vedic wisdom of Natural Law.

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