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Perfect health and immortality conference summarized by Dr Bevan Morris - Part II

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30 April 2007

Dr Bevan Morris, Prime Minister of the Global Country of World Peace, continued his summary of the beautiful address by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi during the recent global Press Conference on Perfect Health and Immortality.

Dr Morris quoted Maharishi's words that immortality is completely possible. The Vedic Literature, Maharishi said, is full of promises on that level, speaking about the Self of every human being as being beyond space and time. People throughout the ages, all parents, have been wanting their children to live a completely healthy life, to enjoy health, wealth, and wisdom, and now that aspiration is going to be fulfilled.

Maharishi said that it's certainly the case until now, that 'mortal is man' has been the understanding, and that one day everyone has to face retirement from this body. 'But he said absolutely, clearly to us,' said Dr Morris, 'that the potentiality for our generation is not to retire from life, but to continue and continue and continue. And this will be on the level of the Unified Field, which has conducted life for millions of years in the past, and will be conducting it for millions of years to come.'

The transcendental field of life is beyond space and time, as described by the words of the poet Tennyson, who said, 'For men may come and men may go, but I go on forever.' And this is the reality, Maharishi said, every time we write the word 'I', I did this and I did that, it is always with a capital letter, and it expresses that the 'I' is never small, the 'I' is infinite.

Dr Morris elaborated on Maharishi's words that 'modern science is just a miniature of the eternal ancient science of life, called the Vedic Science of Life, and the same scientific results that Dr Hagelin describes in terms of equations, have been well described in Vedic terms', in the long history of Vedic sages, the Vedic Rishis of India. Through time immemorial, the same understanding has been there, for example in the expression Richo akshare parame vyoman - Maharishi explained that this is a Vedic expression from the Rk Veda, which describes the structure of the Unified Field. It describes it in terms of its two extremes, 'A'—its infinite value, and 'K'—its point.

So the reality of the Unified Field is the infinite, and the point of infinity both together, reverberating together. All the Laws of Nature, the Richas of the Veda, that are the cause of everything in the universe, are just on the level of this unified level of consciousness reverberating within itself.

Dr Morris reviewed Maharishi's explanation that this level is beyond space—Parame vyoman means it is beyond space. This is the level in Vedic terms, which Dr Hagelin has described rigorously in terms of modern quantum physics and has also related to the structure of Rk Veda.

'Maharishi's advice is,' said Dr Morris, 'to practise Transcendental Meditation as the sun rises and the sun sets every day. There are thousands of teachers to teach you. Experience the Constitution of the Universe in the experience of the Unified Field. Enliven that in life which is the immortal field of life, and take advantage of the fact that Dr Hagelin spent his youth in the Unified Field and now he is giving out the gift of his finding to everyone on earth.

'Maharishi told everyone,' said Dr Morris, 'You are born to be the ruler of the universe. You have to have the Constitution of the Universe in your own simple awareness, and if you don't, you'll always remain poor in your own behaviour, in your own joy and success of life.

Concluding his summary of the conference proceedings, Dr Morris said, 'Everyone should be what they were born to be, what the potentiality of life is there for them to be, which is the immortal, invincible level of life.'

Please also visit Part I of this Global Good News series. For information about Maharishi's six-point programme to create a healthy, happy, prosperous society, and a peaceful world, please visit: Global Financial Capital of New York.

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