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Maharishi's address to the Global Press Conference on Unified Field-Based Administration, 26 June 2007 - Part III
by Global Good News staff writer

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15 July 2007

Maharishi continues to speak of his vision for the world through Trikal Sandhya Vandan and large groups of Yogic Flyers in India and around the world, so that Sat Yuga takes over and everyone enjoys life in bliss.

At the end of Part II, Maharishi concluded that 'Veda on the level of the senses is heard as a language.... It is counted in numbers, all the theory of numbers. So there is duality, there is multiplicity in the expression of the Veda. But what Veda expresses is non-dual singularity.'

Now in this concluding Part III, Maharishi continues:

Uniform wholeness
'That [non-dual singularity] is enlivened by a few people with the Vedic way of life, which includes Yoga, unifying systems of administration, which include devotion. Devotion is very necessary, otherwise without devotion one would be shattered here and there and there. [The Vedic way of life also includes] Vedanta—the end of Veda—because Veda has fluctuations in it. When the Vedic Pandits recite Veda, they have a word and a gap and a word and a gap, so there is up and down and up and down. These ups and downs are not there in the uniform Unity, uniform wholeness.

'A' and Agni mile purohitam, the start of the Veda
'So these are the Mahavakyas, great sentences of the Vedic wisdom. All of them have been located in one syllable. That is the syllable of Atma, 'A'. 'A' expresses Atma, and 'A' is the first syllable of the Veda. The first syllable of the Veda contains within it the total Veda, the total Veda. 'A', Atma, Agni Mile Purohitam—this is how the Veda starts. So 'A'* is the first syllable of Veda, 'A' is the first syllable of Atma.

'So Veda is the flow of Atma within Atma, [the transcendental Self]. The whole expression, the whole knowledge is not a big, huge thing. This is the reason there is another saying in this field of gaining knowledge: the totality, Raam, [Raam in one aspect of the Vedic Literature, The Ramayana] incorporated Brahm in his own consciousness. It happened when he went to the teacher, and the teacher said: '' 'A', Brahm.'' Finished. '' 'A', Brahma Purnam Loka''. This is the first expression that the teacher accepts the disciple—'' 'A' ''. That simply means ''Come''.

''In a short time, total knowledge was gained''
'What comes to him is all that has been a little farther away. The whole knowledge comes and dawns. Alpakal vidya sab pai: the expression is, ''In a short time total knowledge was gained.'' In a short time, the total knowledge was gained, because there was nothing to gain. That which was to be gained was only awareness of what one already has. One has totality; one is made of totality; one is totality. So there is nothing much to gain.

'These three, four words: Sarvam Khalvidam Brahm, Neha nanasti kinchan, Trikal Sandhya Vandan, Vasudaiva Kutumbhakam, ''The world is my family.'' So Sarvam Khalvidam Brahm is one expression of Vedic Science. Another expression of Vedic Science is Neha nanasti kinchan. The third expression of Vedic Science is Vedic technology. How that science is technically available; how that science is applied to someone—the practical application of it.

Science and technology
'So science and technology, and the effect of technology in the fourth expression: Vasudaiva Kutumbhakam, ''The world is my family.'' That is the extent of its application: that the world is going to be under the parental role. And what is the parental role, where is the parental role for the whole world?

'In the Vedic civilization there is a section of people called Sanyasi, those who have abandoned everything. They are addressed as ''Narayana''—Na-ra-yan, the embodiment of nothingness. And this embodiment of nothingness is Brahm. They are called ''Narayan, Narayan.'' These Sanyasi, a very small section of Vedic life—that is enough to maintain the scattered world in the bond of a family life. ''The world is my family.''

'So these are the four, five words. They are beautifully translated in the modern language, the mathematical language; in the language that no sensible man would object to; to which every sensible man will surrender, having been explained by the charts of Dr Hagelin [world-renowned quantum physicist and Executive Director of the International Center for Invincible Defense in New York City, USA].

Vedic Science, an eternal science
'What he has explained is just Vedic Science. And because they have heard me speaking that thing, so they say ''Maharishi's Vedic Science'', but this is not Maharishi who has coined the Vedic Science or coined these words. Maharishi is just a copier; he is just a reflector. Just a reflector, like from a tin foil the whole sun reflects very bright. So Maharishi is just a reflector of the old sun. It's not ''Maharishi's Vedic Science.'' It is eternal Vedic Science. And he who has spoken it in his time is called ''Maharishi'' [great seer] or ''Rishi' [seer].

'...So whosoever sees Veda, Veda means total knowledge. Total knowledge means the Unified Field; the Unified field means Sarvam khalvidam Brahm, Neha nanasti kinchan. Both these Mahavakyas go together; both these words go together. They are total knowledge, and nothing is there. Total knowledge, and nothing is there. It's a big zero; it's a big zero—the Unified Field, the Unified Field. Such a beautiful thing.

Trikal Sandhya Vandan
'So our practical programme is that, according to the modern way of life, we are going to engage the Vedic family boys. They will do their Trikal Sandhya Vandan and they will be Brahmacharis**, Purusha, and they will be Sanyasi. They'll be countable in numbers, but live their life of the Vedic tradition, which means Trikal Sandhya Vandan, three times Sandhya Vandan. They [will be] Sanyasi, and they will be the rulers of the world. They will be spontaneous rulers of the world. They will not impose their ruling power. They will not need any watchdogs: [if someone] makes a mistake, put him to jail, and all that.

32,000 Yogic Flyers in India
'Jails will disappear; the police will disappear; the military will disappear. What will remain is absolute faith in each other, faith in Totality. That will be the Totality ruling the universe. That will be permanent state of peace produced from one country. 8,000 has been the calculation; if there are 8,000 people in one place—that is what we are going to do India—8,000 people, 16,000 people or 24,000 people or at least four times; [as] in each engineering [project] there is some extra [as a safety factor].

'So thirty-two thousand people engaged in India—it's not much of a thing. That is what will be done in India. And three, four hundred in each country here and there, it's not much of a thing. That we will do in each country, and that we will do in India.

Sat Yuga taking over
'We must have each country self-sufficient. Because if it's only one country, if it's only one India, then something may go wrong in India and then the whole country will fall flat. Therefore every country will have self-sufficiency in this science and art of Invincibility, and there will be one country in the East, in India, and one country in the West, America. They will raise sufficient number of Yogic Flyers in order that from both sides of the globe, and from each part of the globe, it will be very hard for Kali Yuga [time of darkness] to take over. That will be the time of Sat Yuga [Age of Enlightenment].

'A long time of Sat Yuga will have this system of administration: from the East and West two big groups—8,000, 16,000, 32,000 people enjoying bliss! Enjoying bliss! So many people enjoying bliss! They'll get absorbed in their own habit not to get out of it—enjoying bliss. Once one has a taste of it, one cannot fall from it. And if these people cannot fall from it, the world will never have any negativity, any lack of anything, or any conflict. This is the world that is going to come out. This is the world that is going to come out.

'They should have this vision of these three, four ancient words of the eternal politics, eternal economics, eternal living total life, living blissful waves of life as time goes on, day and night, as years pass by, and centuries go by. This is the vision that we have given out, Dr. Hagelin. It's very intelligent for time.

'Today, it's very fortunate for the people of the world; it's very fortunate for the destiny of all mankind, for all the future. This is the picture that we have drawn today.

'I have only put out the Vedic equivalent to your modern expression and to your modern charts and to your modern mathematics explaining. It's an act of great fortune for the whole mankind that the words could fathom that which is beyond words; the mathematics could express what is beyond counting. It's a great fortune, it's a good luck for all mankind. We only bow down to Guru Dev*** for these blessings. All glory to Guru Dev, Jai Guru Dev.

'Dr. Morris, I have tried to make it very simple, but the words may be uncommon for the people to hear. You'll explain them what I have desired, what I have aimed at, and what is going to bring a bright sunshine for all the fortune of mankind. Jai Guru Dev.'

* 'A': Maharishi has defined 'A' in this way: 'A' is the first syllable of Rk Veda. Rk Veda starts AK NI MI LE PU RO HI TAM. 'A' is the first sound. 'A' is defined in the Vedic Language, in the Vedic Literature, as total speech: A-karo vai sarva vak, 'A' only is total speech. Total speech of whom? Total speech of Totality, Atma.'

So 'A' is the expression of transcendental, self-referral consciousness. It is the expression of infinite silence and infinite dynamism within the infinite ocean of consciousness. That is why Maharishi says that 'A' is the syllable of Total Knowledge, the Veda. Maharishi has also revealed that because 'A' is the first sound of the Veda, it contains the blueprint of the entire universe.

** Brahmacharis are monks of the Vedic Tradition of India and Purusha are men devoted to a special programme carefully designed by Maharishi for those who wish to dedicate themselves fully to the most rapid pace of evolution possible and creating world peace.

*** Guru Dev: His Divinity Swami Brahmananda Saraswati, Shankaracharya of Jyotir Math, Himalayas, Maharishi's Master.

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