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'Man is made in the image of God: Live and let live; live and live long': Maharishi's message to the military, 21 June, 2007 - Part I
by Global Good News staff writer

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26 June 2007

Addressing a Global Press Conference on Unified Field-Based Defence, Maharishi gave a strong message to the military of the world that to die for the nation is a very wrong notion. For whom is the nation if the youth of the nation are sent to die? Man is made in the image of God, and that is to live and let live, to live and live long—immortality, infinity.

Maharishi began by saying to Dr Hagelin, Executive Director of the International Center for Invincible Defense and Minister of Science and Technology of the Global Country of World Peace, that he is ringing the Bell of Invincibility for every man on earth. Maharishi said Dr Hagelin is ringing the Bell of Invincibility 'for every group of people on earth, for every nation in the world today. This is the time for everyone to rejoice—victory before war.

'The military was mighty today on the basis of how many and how soon they can lose their life for the nation; dying for others has been the profession of military so far. Now is the time ''to live and let live''. Military power was based on readiness to die.

'Today we think it was a shameful black spot in the civilization, that ''I feel myself brave to die for something, no matter what it is''. Your message, Dr Hagelin, today to the military [is] to not feel mighty in the readiness to die—''Don't feel brave to undertake to die, but live long, live long.''

'I was very fondly listening to every word that Dr Hagelin was speaking. He was speaking the silent will of God. God has created man in his image. This is the surmise of every religion. God has made man in his image, and God has not made man in his image—his image is not brave in dying. God has created man to live long. Live and let live. Not only you live, but you let others live. And live, not only short life, but live long. Live and live—immortality. Infinity. Eternity. That is the will of God.

'We don't want to ramble on the mistake of the ignorance of the past. The military has been groping in darkness. A completely shameful attitude has empowered the military so far. Military is great, because so many people are ready to die: what a shameful thing. Today, with the onset of immortality, totality, the Unified Field, it's a challenge to all those shameful notions of life that have so far completely lead life on the field of death. It has been very, very pitiable, that the youth of a nation are proud of losing their life.

'So those who have heard Dr Hagelin today, if you have not yet understood that you have been on the wrong track so far—the nation is paying you, governments are paying you to sacrifice your life—you should understand the whole thing has been wrong, and a thousand times you should understand the whole thing was wrong. The whole thing was wrong.

'The whole civilization is based on a very, very pitiable and ignorant level of understanding about life, about God, about man. In such simple logic, from step to step, Dr Hagelin is taking human intelligence today from step to step of immortality, invincibility. Invincibility. Invincibility is the road of life today, not the other thing.

'The military has been a wrong notion. Not only the military, but everything in the government is a wrong, wrong, wrong and a thousand times wrong notion.

'Always [there has been] the existence of prisons. Every prison is a shame to the government. The schools have not educated the young men to blossom in positivity and progress, so they go wild, and when they go wild, the government is wild on them. It's an anti-parental role.

'The government should have a parental role for the nation. Every department, not only the military, but education and everything, is in such a mess today, as if the world is taken over by deep darkness of the night. What we are bringing is the dawn. We are bringing the dawn in the middle of the night. We are bringing it. We are bringing the dawn at midnight.

'Whether someone believes or not, the light of the dawn is now taking over. This is a period of transition, and it's not going to be a long period of transition. When the dawn dawns, it's not a slowly, slowly dawn: it just dawns. And how does the darkness of the night disappear? It just disappears, finished. Like this is the time today.

'Today is the time of the dawn. Darkness is disappearing. Whatever is remaining, it is destined to go. Wherever there is darkness, it is destined to go. The military is a project of the fear of the nation. Those who are in charge of maintaining the nation, they open a department to die: ''You die for the nation,'' and when you die, where is the nation? For whom is the nation?

'Today's military is cruel to itself. This is because those who are in charge of handling the nation, maintaining the nation, they are ill-educated, wrongly educated. It is a very precarious time for the world. Now the time is not going to continue like that. It must change. The darkness is never a perpetual thing. The light of the sun will prevail. The days are going to be longer, and nights are disappearing. This is a different time, today is a different time. It's not a time of the last century and the [previous] century.

'In every century there have been wise people alerting the people to their weakness.... Some voices are heard; in every century there is some wise man, some wise man in that country or that country. They are like drops. But now is the swelling of the ocean. No more drop by drop. No more one wise man raising the voice here, the other man raising the voice here, a third man raising the voice [there].

'Today is the time that you speak here quietly in your drawing-room, and you are heard loudly all over the world. This is the time, that you [Dr Hagelin] are lighting a lamp, but today you are lighting one lamp, and then it amounts to lighting millions of lamps all over. Every man in the world listens to the quiet whisper. This is the time. This is the time that man is so cosmic. He is sitting somewhere in one room, but he is being heard all over. This is the [time] that the cosmic nature of man has been realized.

'An individual man is not an individual man any more; when one wants to locate him, you can locate him not only where he is, but you can locate him where you are. You can locate him everywhere. This is the invincibility in the nature of human beings today. It was a dream yesterday, it was a dream. This has been dreamt by the wise of every time, of all time, for innumerable centuries past. But now it's a reality. It was philosophy that man is cosmic. Today it's a fact. It's a fact that one man is everywhere.

'Can anyone imagine what it is? It's the expression of truth. So when we say Invincibility, this is invincibility that makes a man be everywhere. If a man can be everywhere, then he is everywhere with his desire. And what is the basic desire of man? The basic desire of man is more and more and more and more.

'Everyone wants more and more and more, because more than the most—infinity—is the reality of every drop. Every drop means every individual. Infinity is the reality of every individual. Every individual is cosmic. All the wise throughout the ages have felt it and have lived it on their individual level. They have spoken it out. But someone here and someone here, someone spoke in Chinese, someone spoke in Japanese, someone spoke in Indian language, someone spoke in Arabic language. But these have been drops. And now each drop is found to be a part of the ocean. Every wave is the ocean.

'An ocean is the Constitution of the Universe. Where is the ocean? We say ''In the Will of God. God.'' Today is the time for everyone to enjoy what one is, that's all. He doesn't have to cultivate himself to be anything else other than he is. Just realize; this is the education that we are promoting.

'Excellence in education is the sponsorship of Dr John Hagelin. This talk today of Dr John Hagelin should be heard by everyone. This will be a reminder of the goldmine that everyone has within himself—the goldmine, glittering gold; the diamond mine, precious diamonds. The individual is cosmic. Individual is in the light of God. God made man in his image...

'Man today, this generation, is just realizing his family profession. He's just inheriting his family inheritance. [It is] nothing outside himself. He is realizing his family inheritance: the Unified Field and all those beautiful exhortations of the pure knowledge, Total Knowledge, infinite creativity.

'All that Dr Hagelin has spoken of, he can say because this is the first generation of research scientists that Dr Hagelin is speaking about: the Unified Field, the Unified Field. In the Vedic language, it's the old story. Where is the Unified Field? In the simple expression, ''Aham Brahmasmi, I am Brahm. I am Totality. Thou art the same thing. All this is That, and there is no duality, there is no multiplicity. I am all that there is. Aham Brahmasmi. I am Atma Brahm. My Self is all the totality, and there is nothing else.''

'These are the old expressions, the eternal, Vedic expressions of reality. Now, in the modern terminology of physics and chemistry, mathematics, algebra, trigonometry, and of every aspect of knowledge that Dr Hagelin speaks, he speaks of that reality which has been spoken throughout the ages. Reality is not different; throughout the ages, [it is the] same reality.

'[It has been] talked about throughout time, talked about in two languages—ancient language and the language of the time. The language of the time is language of the time, but the content of language in each time has been the same content that has been spoken in the ancient language: the Vedic language. Nearest to the Vedic language is Sanskrit language.

'Doesn't matter in what tongue you speak, but today is the time you are speaking totality of reality. And what is totality of reality? It's a very delightful perception. Where is the reality? Reality is in togetherness of multiplicity. Togetherness of multiplicity. What is this expression? It does not leave multiplicity out of consideration. It does not leave multiplicity out of consideration, because it says it's a unity of multiplicity.

'So there is Unity, there is multiplicity, both together. This is the junction point. This is the ''lamp at the door'' in ancient times, Nyaya Shastra. And this is modern view of reality. Modern view of reality is also nothing other than the ancient, because the lamp at the door is the example. Lamp at the door—inside light, outside light. Inside light, outside light. Between inside and outside there is light. This is the time when light in its totality is speaking about it.

'Whosoever is speaking? It is speaking totality. John Hagelin is the first scientist in the world today. All these ancient scientists who have been talking about it, have been trying to express about it, but now, this scientist today is able to prove that Unity is a practical reality of life. [It is the] practical reality of life of the individual, the practical reality of life of the collective individual—of the nation—the practical reality of life of the universe.

'[It is the] only reality of life for everyone; whether on the universal level, national level, society's level, family level, or individual level, reality is reality today. It is speaking itself. And this is proving the ancient concept of human excellence.

What is ancient concept of human intelligence? God has made man in his image. It's a beautiful expression about God, about his creation, about his ability to create himself. God made man in his image means ''God has multiplied himself''. Just this, this reality. One God multiplied himself. That is just that. Individual, family, society, nation, family of nations, the whole universe.

'This is multiplication of the Almighty, who is the creator. The creator means the only creator of all the infinite expressions of it. This is religion, the path to realization. This is knowledge that does not exclude anything out of one's own awareness. It doesn't need anything out of one's own awareness. This is enlightenment. This is enlightenment.

'So there is nothing new in the world today. This world is also the same old world millions of years ago, whether we talk in terms of the big bang or whatever or talk of the world in terms of appearance. Such delightful facets of vision about life.'

Global Good News will feature Part II of this talk tomorrow 27 June.

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