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Maharishi speaks to the Global Press Conference about the removal of poverty - Part II
by Global Good News staff writer

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13 June 2007

In Part I of this talk during the Global Press Conference broadcast recently from the Global Financial Capital of New York, Maharishi said that the true nature of life is affluence. Poverty is imaginary, and every government can bring affluence to its people by taking the Raam currency from the Global Country of World Peace.

Maharishi continued: 'Why should a government allow a man to have only one dollar a day? Half the world's population is in this notion. It's only ignorance. It's a wrong notion, a wrong notion. It's only a notion, I am emphasizing. It's a notion, it's not a reality. Today's poor country can become a wealthy country tomorrow. He can draw any amount of Raam currency.

'From that strength I am speaking. It's very wrong education, wrong understanding, that a man is poor, that a government is poor. A government is rich. It is only notion. The reality is that life is affluent. Life is invincible. Life is eternal freedom. Life is cosmic.

'What if one had fallen into a ditch? He's not trained, he's not educated. Then he can fall.

'Here is an open door for any government. If it feels the need of money, take the Raam currency and let the currency float in the market, and the country will be affluent tomorrow. Today, this afternoon, the next hour.

'Dr Hagelin, tell them you have an open door to the God of Wealth, to Kuber. Kuber is our Minister of Finance and Planning. He has already planned for the Poverty Removal Programme, and what is his plan?

'He has the wealth. Take the money from him. Take any amount of Raam currency and become wealthy tomorrow. When a man today can become wealthy tomorrow, then that shows poverty is a notion. It's just ignorance, not knowing that he can live a very wealthy life. He can earn any amount of wealth. Any government can take any amount of wealth from the treasury of the Global Country of World Peace. That is it, finished.

'Let us hear the principle of poverty removal that the Minister of Wealth of the Global Country offers you. Any country, take any amount of money from his treasury, and become wealthy tomorrow, today, this afternoon, next hour. Assure them, Dr Hagelin, that we are not talking empty creativity. We are not talking something that sounds pleasant. We are talking something on a practical level of world economy.

'That was why the need was there for a global government. The global government need came out because all the governments are groping in darkness. Absolutely, I don't like to say that, but the fact is that every government is a humbug—absolutely useless. It's a shallow emptiness, a vacuum state, but not that vacuum state which is self-referral and completely self-sufficient. Not Dr Hagelin's empty space. It's really hollowness.

'There is a great time now for transformation. We are sponsoring their education so that no one will be unhappy or sick or anything; all these are wrong things. Every religion has always held that the man was made in the image of God. In different words people have said it, but the fact was ''Man was made in the image of God'', and the son of God is the son of God—the son of a king is a prince, he is a ruler.

'So tell everyone that tomorrow it is possible that all the poor countries can ring the bell of eureka that there are no more poor [people]; they can shake hands with all the rich people. It's a practical thing we are talking.

'It's a policy of the Global Country of World Peace that the treasury of the Global Country is the treasury of every nation, because the Global Country of World Peace considers 'the world is my family.' The world is my family, and the family possession belongs to everyone in the family.

'Like that, the wealth, the wisdom, the education, the health, everything of the global government is the property of everyone, and everyone is invited to take it and be happy from today.

'That is the reality and offer to them. Let us hear what the Finance Minister says about his treasury. We are proud of the Ministry of the Global Country of World Peace from every direction. The world doesn't have to be a problematic world or suffering world or poor world; they don't have to be.

'Today, tomorrow, it only needs the governmental policy that ''This is also my currency.'' Every government may have two currencies if they'd like two currencies, otherwise Raam currency good enough.

'A country is poor because the government is poor. But they don't have to be poor from today. Open the gate of affluence for them all, and let them hear the message of this Finance Minister of the Global Country of World Peace. It's great. It's great.

'Offer them, Dr Hagelin, your principle—creativity. Infinite creativity belongs to every individual, belongs to every collection of individuals, every society, every nation, and on the practical level, currency belongs to every country. It's such a joy to proclaim that now, even on the material level, life is nothing less than cosmic in magnitude.

'Bless the world, bless the world. You are blessing the world with the Maharishi Central University, where people will be informed of the principles of affluence and now you have opened a practical gate for material affluence. Tell them on the material level. It's such a joy.

'Jai Guru Dev.'

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Global Good News comment:

For recent talks about the removal of poverty by Dr Benjamin Feldman, Finance Minister of the Global Country of World Peace, please see: Poverty Removal Conference Part I, Poverty Removal Conference Part II and The significance of the Raam circulating in the world.

For information about Maharishi's seven-point programme to create a healthy, happy, prosperous society, and a peaceful world, please visit: Global Financial Capital of New York.

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