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Maharishi on the high goal of Raam Raj sung in the Ramayana

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13 May 2007

On the Day of lasting Achievements, Akshaya Tritiya, 2007, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi spoke about the ultimate achievement, the high goal of Raam Raj (ideal government) as sung in the Ramayana.

Maharishi began by saying: 'I'm just giving a peep into the secrets of Raam's Administration, which he is carrying and working up from that (transcendental) level to make concrete in order to visualize that level of reality which describes the ... administration of eternal Raam Raj.'

'What is that, which is the secret silent transcendental system of administration? What is that? That is the real level of silent administration. The marvel of it is in actualizing a phrase about Raja Raam, Raja Raam of this Sat-Yuga. For how long? This is the end of counting the years since the secret, self-referral, transcendental system of administration has been in existence. His range of authority is whatever is desired by anyone. Mind the words,' said Maharishi. 'Whatever is desired by anyone is supplied to him from the secret unseen level of administration of Raja Raam—Raam Brahm Paramarat Rupa, Raam Brahm. Raam is Totality.'

Maharishi described Raam as the play and display of the Constitution of the Universe. 'I want to see this in Raja Nader Raam's Raam Raj,' he said. 'That is my great desire, and I am sure it is going to be fulfilled. The desire is to achieve that high goal of Raam Raj which is sung by the Ramayana generation after generation, Yuga after Yuga, time after time.'

Elaborating on the high ideal of Raam Raj, Maharishi reiterated several times a short passage from the Ramayana: Mange barida dehin jal Ramachandra ken Raj.

It is a secret point, the heartfelt desire of our Raja Raam to achieve this level of purity which connects the society on earth in every country with the Administrator of the Universe.' What does this connection mean? It means any desire of anyone in the reign of Raam, is seen to be materialized, by Cosmic Law, by the Law of the Transcendental Field, which administers the Universe.

What level of purity, authority, and administration does our Raja Raam wish to share with everyone in the Global Country of World Peace? How is Raam Raj defined in the Ramayana? Mange barida dehin jal Ramachandra ken Raj. 'Anyone who requires water,' says Maharishi, just needs to ask 'Please, give me water, and there comes the shower of rain; the shower of rain on the need of the individual, not only the need of society.' The need of society is implied in this, but it goes to the desire of the individual. The individual desires, looks up: 'Water please, sky! Raam Brahma, I need water. This is the crop that I'm going to grow, and I need water, this month, in five weeks, in six weeks, in ten weeks. Water is my desire.'

His desire is fulfilled by the omnipresent administration of Raja Raam, Brahm, explains Maharishi. This natural ready support of the Will of God for everyone, this is the ideal from the silent level of administration of Raja Raam. Anyone who wants anything, he gets it. How does he get it? He gets it from something that operates, always remaining in the transcendent. From that level everything is always available to anyone.

Raja Raam sees that developing. Raja Raam's administration is silent administration. The mechanics of his administration, people now know: whatever is needed, supply it. From where? Supply it from the silent administration, the quiet administration, transcendental self-referral Vedic Education. 'People just have to be born in that family,' elaborates Maharishi, 'that's all. By being born in that family, they have their bank record, they can draw a check on any bank and it will be honoured. They can demand anything and that demand will be honoured. This is Raam Raj.'

'Desire makes a man. His practice makes a man perfect. Here in this case, desiring makes a man perfect. You desire, and anything is there,' Maharishi informs us. 'This, on one level, is a miracle of life, on another level, it is natural. And the parental role is where the children don't have to desire. They know winter is coming, and they want woollen clothes. They don't even have to desire, the parental role of the parents supplies them in advance . . . Before summer comes, cool dresses are ready for the children, in advance.' So the excellence of the administration of Raja Raam is like that parental role, which organizes the requirement in advance. This level of Raam Raj has been cultured by Raja Nader Raam, and this quiet administration is the administration of Raja Raam.

On the surface value, the administration of Raja Raam is carried out by the Raja, the different Rajas, and by the different Ministers, but that which is delivered by Silence is the personal heritage, personal possession, personal wealth of Raja Raam. 'Raam equates with Brahm, Totality. Brahmi Chetana (Brahman Consciousness). This is the story of the Ramayana,' concludes Maharishi. 'The story of the Ramayana is the story of Raam. The story of Raam is the story of Brahm. The story of Brahm is Veda. The story of Brahm is Veda.'

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