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Dr John Hagelin's powerful message to the military leaders of the world - Part I
by Global Good News staff writer

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12 April 2007

In the Global Press Conference broadcast live around the world on 11 April over the Maharishi Channel and the Internet, Dr John Hagelin gave a powerful message to the world's military leaders about the creation of Invincibility for their nation through the application of Maharishi's Vedic Science as verified by the most up-to-date knowledge of the Unified Field from modern science.

Dr Hagelin addressed his message to all military leaders, commanders-in-chief, and all those responsible for the defence and national security of their nation.

He said that there is an important new technology of defence and national security fully capable of raising any country, no matter how small, to true invincibility. This new technology of defence is based upon the latest discoveries in the fields of Physics, Neuroscience, and Physiology, and the discovery of the Unified Field of all the laws of nature, the most fundamental and powerful level of Nature's dynamics.

Technologies based upon this Unified Field of Natural Law have such concentrated power, Dr Hagelin said, that they can render obsolete and irrelevant every previous method of objective technology and all previous destructive means of defence.

'This new technology is easily applied and highly cost effective,' Dr Hagelin said, 'and can literally raise any country to a degree of invincibility, absolute invulnerability to attack or any form of disruption from within the country or outside the country.'

This new technology for Defence, this technology for Invincibility, is based upon the discovery of the Unified Field, he said. Modern science, led by modern Quantum Physics, has probed deeper levels of Nature's functioning, from the macroscopic world of classical physics to the world of the atom, and underlying the atom is the field of the nucleus and sub-nuclear levels of Nature's functioning, culminating in the discovery of the Unified Field, the most fundamental and powerful level of Nature's dynamics.

The Unified Field is the unified source of the diversified laws of nature governing the universe, Dr Hagelin said. From its purely self-interacting dynamics, the Unified Field creates from itself all the particles and forces that comprise the universe and the diversified streams of Natural Law governing the nuclear, atomic, molecular, and macroscopic levels.

Because this Unified Field is vastly more powerful than any other level of Nature's dynamics, a technology of defence based upon the Unified Field is a technology of historical importance, which will completely change the whole science and technology of defence, said Dr Hagelin.

The discovery of the Unified Field is not a philosophical development, it's a scientific development of the foremost order, Dr Hagelin emphasized.

'It's a rigorous mathematical development,' he said, 'based upon the Lagrangian of the Unified Field, a highly compact mathematical formula that describes the self-interacting dynamics of Unity at the basis of all the diverse laws of nature governing the universe.'

From this simple compact formula one can systematically derive all the emerging laws of nature that are the subjects of study of the different scientific disciplines. For example, the supersymmetric Grand Unified Field Theory emerges from the Lagrangian of the Superstring through a series of rigorous mathematical transformations that allow us to derive the grand unified level from the super unified level of the Unified Field, from the dynamics of the Superstring.

'A technology based upon this complete level, this most comprehensive level of Nature's functioning is completely different from all previous technologies based upon diversified levels of Natural Law—that means nuclear technologies, chemical technologies, biological technologies and electronic technologies of defence, all of which utilise specific laws of nature in isolation,' Dr Hagelin said.

All of these technologies, not being holistic, have results that are accompanied by unforeseen, negative side-effects.

The technology of the Unified Field is vastly more powerful than any previous level of defensive technology, and Invincibility in nature is only available at this super-unified scale, only at the level of Unified Field. Invincibility is not found at any of the more superficial levels of Natural Law, said Dr Hagelin.

Please see also Maharishi's comments on this talk by Dr Hagelin.

Global Good News will feature Part II of this article tomorrow 13 April.

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