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8 February 2006

Raise Your Nation to Invincibility to 'Avert the Danger that Has Not Yet Come'

Establish Groups of Yogic Flyers to Create Coherent National Consciousness

Reconstruct Your Cities According to Vedic Architecture to Prevent Misfortune from Coming to the Nation


Parliaments of World Peace Begin This Week: Leaders of Society, Press Invited to View via Internet Webcast

Twelve Parliaments of World Peace are now being held over the span of 48 days at the World Capital of Peace at the Brahmasthan (geographical centre) of India and the Capital of the Global Country of World Peace in MERU, Holland.

His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, founder of the Global Country of World Peace, delivered the inaugural address for the Parliament on the theme of developing total brain physiology through Vedic Education on 5 February. Global Ministers and Rajas of the Cabinet of His Majesty Maharaja Nader Raam, First Ruler of the Global Country of World Peace, are presenting the knowledge and application of Total Natural Law in 12 areas of society to prevent problems, to raise every individual to enlightenment and every nation to invincibility, and to create permanent world peace.

Leaders of society and the press in every country are invited to view the Parliaments live via Internet webcast at

The starting time is 9 a.m. (Holland time); 1:30 p.m. (India time); and 3 a.m. (US-EST). (See for a schedule of replays of each Parliament session.)

Maharishi's Advice to Government Leaders: 'Prevent Problems to Enjoy Real Freedom and Invincibility in the Nation'

His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi this week offered government leaders of the world's problem-ridden nations a practical, proven formula to make their nations invincible and thereby prevent negativity and problems from arising anywhere in the world. Maharish's formula includes:

1.  Establishing groups of peace-creating Yogic Flyers in the nation to create coherent collective consciousness—the basis of invincibility for the nation—to prevent any negativity from arising inside or outside the country. 

2. Reconstructing buildings and cities according to Vedic Architecture in harmony with Natural Law to be 'fortune-creating' and thereby preventing any misfortune from coming to the nation.

'It's just common sense: Avert the danger that has not yet come,' Maharishi said, citing the wisdom of the Vedic Science of India. 'If you can prevent problems, you will enjoy real freedom and invincibility in the nation,' Maharishi said.

Maharishi emphasized, however, that he is not waiting for governments to respond to his offer—he is going ahead on his own to quickly raise every nation to invincibility by establishing groups of Yogic Flyers in every country and mobilizing builders to reconstruct every nation.

Maharishi delivered his message during his 1 February global news conference, which was broadcast live via satellite and Internet webcast from the Capital of the Global Country of World Peace in MERU, Holland. Maharishi's next news conferences will be held on 8 and 9 February.

Promoting the health of the body, mind, intellect, and ego of every individual to promote invincibility for the nation

Maharishi explained that for a nation to be invincible, every individual has to be healthy, which means that all the units of life—body, mind, intellect, and ego—have to be healthy.

'For the mind to be healthy, we are offering Transcendental Meditation to take individual awareness deep within the Self to the field of bliss—transcendental pure consciousness,' Maharishi said. 'This is the field of Total Natural Law—the Constitution of the Universe. By enlivening Total Natural Law—and creating coherence—in individual and collective consciousness through group practice of Transcendental Meditation and Yogic Flying, the government will be able to silently administer the nation in the same prevention-oriented, problem-free manner as the government of the universe silently administers the infinite diversity of the universe with perfect order.'

Maharishi added, however, that even when individuals have a healthy mind, they must also have a healthy body—they must live in a healthy home in a healthy city—for the nation to be invincible. For this, Maharishi is calling on builders and city planners in every country to demolish all the old 'misfortune-creating' buildings and quickly build new 'fortune-creating' buildings according to Vedic Architecture. Such buildings will be oriented to the east or north—never south or west—to promote perfect health and promote maximum support of Natural Law for the people and the nation. 'In this way, every individual will enjoy an integrated life in an invincible nation,' Maharishi said.

Maharishi also emphasized that there is no 'fighting' in his approach to permanent world peace. 'We don't deal with problems on the level of the problem—we don't fight the darkness,' Maharishi said. 'We bring the light and all problems of darkness disappear. We enliven peace in individual awareness and create coherence in world consciousness, and all fighting will stop in all countries all over the globe. Very soon we will have a beautiful platform for all good in the life of all people in every nation.'

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