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Maharishi's Call to the Indian Government
by Peace Government Media Team

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8 April 2005

Scientific research shows Vedic recitation promotes coherent brain functioning—the basis of coherent national consciousness

His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi issued a stern wake-up call to the Indian government to stop spending the hard-earned money of India's poor people to purchase weapons from wealthy arms-producing nations in a vain hope that such weapons will bring safety to the nation. 'It is illogical—weapons will only bring flames and death to India. They will not save the nation,' Maharishi warned.

Instead, Maharishi urged India's leaders to use Indian money to engage large numbers of peace-creating experts—Vedic Pandits—throughout the country to promote coherent national consciousness which is the basis of invincibility for the country.

Maharishi's call to the Indian government came during his 30 March global news conference, which was broadcast live to the press on all continents via satellite and Internet webcast from the Capital of the Global Country of World Peace in Meru, Holland.

World press urged to watch for signs of success of Maharishi's programme to raise India to invincibility

The news conference was held one week after Maharishi launched his historic programme to create an invincible, problem-free India as a stepping-stone to creating an invincible, problem-free world. Large numbers of Vedic Pandits in India are performing Vedic Yagyas and Grahashanti to enliven in national consciousness Total Natural Law—the Constitution of the Universe—which administers the universe with perfect order. Maharishi urged the world press to watch each week for signs of success of his programme, which will include less conflict and more harmony in Indian national consciousness.

Brain wave coherence promotes enlightenment for the individual and invincibility for the nation

A highlight of Maharishi's 30 March news conference was a presentation by leading scientists from Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield, Iowa, on the effects of Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation Programme—along with the effects of the recitation of Vedic sounds—in promoting high levels of brain wave coherence. According to research, brain wave coherence promotes increased intelligence, clear thinking, improved decision-making, and higher states of consciousness. Research also shows that group practice of Maharishi's Vedic technologies creates coherence in the collective consciousness of the whole population.

Maharishi said these findings represent the first achievement of the first week of his programme to raise India to invincibility. 'The research has brought out the scientific principles and practice of how invincibility is going to rise in India,' Maharishi said. 'Increased coherence in brain functioning in the individual will create increased coherence in the life of the country—the basis of invincibility for the nation.'

Vedic recitation is a science—not a religion

Maharishi emphasised that Vedic recitation is a scientific procedure that produces coherent brain functioning—it is not a religion. 'Indian government leaders should engage as many Vedic Pandits as possible for large Vedic performances. As the number of Vedic Pandits increases, coherence—sattwa—in national consciousness will increase—just as more candles bring more light to a big room,' Maharishi said.

In response to a press question, Maharishi explained that India was selected to demonstrate the effectiveness of his programme because it is one of the biggest countries in the world and is home to the Vedic knowledge of invincibility. 'I am concerned with the whole of world consciousness,' Maharishi said. 'That is why I am using one of the largest countries—not a small one. And it is a country where Vedic knowledge and the daily routine of the Vedic Pandits will support an upsurge of coherence and invincibility in the nation.'

Maharishi said his programme will be successful when enough Vedic Pandits have been engaged to create coherent national consciousness and thereby change the trends of government. 'National consciousness drives the government,' Maharishi said. 'We will know we are successful when the Indian government displays sensible thinking—Vedic thinking—and uses money from its treasury for Yagyas and Grahashanti.'

'A miracle is going to happen'

Maharishi concluded by reassuring the world press that a miracle is going to happen. 'With the grace of Guru Dev and the tradition of Vedic masters, the Vedic Pandits are going to transform salt into sugar through their Vedic performances. They are going to transform Kali Yuga, which is the age of negativity, into Sat Yuga, which is the age of positivity. But this miracle is not an empty hope or a dream. It is a practical reality that is going to occur in a natural way by enlivening in world consciousness Total Natural Law—the perfect system of the administration of the universe,' Maharishi said. 'So it doesn't matter what the past has been, because the collective consciousness of every nation will soon be coherent, invincible, and fulfilled—free from all problems, disturbances, and suffering.'

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