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Maharishi challenges governments
by Peace Government Media Team

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10 March 2005

His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi last week challenged world leaders to justify their huge defence budgets when no military today has the capability to truly safeguard the nation. Instead of sending off their youth to die in battle for the sake of imaginary defence, Maharishi urged governments to contract with his Vedic University to create coherent collective consciousness and raise the nation to invincibility.

'When no military can save the nation, then what right does the government have to sacrifice the wealth and the youth of the nation? The whole approach is fraudulent and a bankruptcy of intellect,' Maharishi said.

Maharishi's message to governments came during his 3 March global news conference.

Maharishi said he can raise any nation to invincibility within six months to one year at a tiny fraction of the country's defence budget—as little as one-tenth of one per cent of military expenditures. 'With the blessings of the tradition of Vedic Masters, we have the knowledge of Total Natural Law which administers the universe with perfect order. And we can train groups of experts to make every nation invincible using Vedic Technologies of Total Natural Law,' Maharishi said.

The Indian government is asleep—it is not using the Vedic knowledge to create coherent national consciousness

Maharishi then delivered a strongly worded 'wake-up' call to the government of India. 'India is the land of the Veda—the land of Total Knowledge of Natural Law. It has its own, highly effective, prevention-oriented Vedic Defence strategy: 'Avert the danger before it arises'. It has the knowledge to raise every nation to perfect peace, happiness, and fulfilment,' Maharishi said. 'But the government of India is asleep—it is not using the Vedic knowledge to fulfil its parental role for the nation. It is not using the knowledge to create coherent national consciousness. And that is why neither India nor any other nation is able to rise to invincibility.'

Man-made constitutions should be supported by the eternal Constitution of the Universe

Maharishi said the deplorable condition of India's government—and every other government—is because they are administering the nation through man-made constitutions, which were formulated by a small number of people at the founding of the nation. 'A man-made constitution will always have human weaknesses and human failings. It will never be perfect—it will always be subject to modifications,' Maharishi said. 'That is why man-made constitutions must be supported and supplemented by the eternal Constitution of the Universe—the administration of the Laws of Nature that govern the universe with perfect order—the administration of God.'

Improper orientation of buildings creates disharmony in government

Maharishi said he has been delivering the same message of perfect administration to India's government leaders for 50 years, but it has repeatedly fallen on deaf ears. In response to a press question, Maharishi explained why. 'The Parliament buildings, and other buildings and residences where government employees work and live, are not properly oriented to the east. They are not built according to Vedic Architecture in harmony with Natural Law,' Maharishi said. 'Improperly oriented buildings always create disintegrated brain functioning. As a result, thinking will always be clouded, there will always be disharmony in government, and the whole population will continue to suffer.'

Maharishi called for all improperly oriented buildings to be destroyed immediately, and for new buildings to be designed and built according to Vedic Architecture—Vastu Vidya—to promote life in harmony with Natural Law. 'Then India will rise to invincibility and be a guiding light for the family of nations,' Maharishi said.

'Follow my advice and you will be better off'

Maharishi concluded by announcing that after 50 years of talking to governments about his programmes to create invincibility for every nation, he is done with explaining how his programme works. 'Now is the time for governments to contract with our University to build invincibility for the nation—just as they contract with experts to build bridges and electric power plants,' Maharishi said. 'Follow my advice and you will be better off—or don't follow my advice and you will be 'hooted' out of office by your own people because in the spirit of democracy only that will survive which is of value.'

However, Maharishi emphasized to the global press, he will create a bright future for the world—whether governments respond immediately or later. 'We want to bring the descent of Heaven on Earth—Sat Yuga—in our lifetime,' Maharishi said. 'For this, we are training 3,000 Rajas who will administer the world from the self-referral field of Transcendental Consciousness. From that unmanifest source of creation, the Rajas will bring the support of the omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent Total Natural Law to promote the evolution of every individual, every nation, and the whole world family.'

Copyright 2005, Global Country of World Peace

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