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Maharishi's invitation to governments
by Peace Government Media Team

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24 February 2005

His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi this week offered every government a practical, proven formula to prevent all problems and negativity in the nation: Contract with the Rajas in your area to establish peace-creating groups of Yogic Flyers in the country. The groups will enliven the Constitution of the Universe, which administers the universe with perfect order, to create coherent collective consciousness—the basis of invincibility for the nation.

Maharishi said the Rajas can transform any nation within three or four months—without making any changes in the government. The Rajas will train a group of few hundred to a few thousand people—the number depends upon the population of the country—to create the positive effect. Then, after a few months, the government can maintain the group to perpetuate coherent national consciousness.

'Here is a clarion call for every government to avert the danger that has not yet come,' Maharishi said. 'Contract with the Rajas in your area and you will enjoy prevention-oriented administration. You won't have to face wars and destruction—you won't have to destroy or be destroyed. A great time of enlightenment is dawning for all mankind. Life on earth will be governed by Total Natural Law, which promotes the evolution of everyone and everything, from point to infinity, in the ever-expanding galactic universe.'

Maharishi extended his offer during his February 16 global news conference, which was broadcast live via satellite and Internet webcast to all continents from the Capital of the Global Country of World Peace in Meru, Holland.

The Rajas are trained to function from Transcendental Consciousness— the Constitution of the Universe

Maharishi said any government can contract with a Raja to create heavenly administration—just as it contracts with an engineer or builder to construct new roads or bridges. 'The Rajas have been trained to function on the level of Transcendental Consciousness—the Constitution of the Universe,' Maharishi said. 'Functioning from that unmanifest level, the Rajas will ensure the whole country will be governed by Total Natural Law. Then individual and national life will always be in the evolutionary direction.'

Supreme praise for His Majesty Raja Raam, First Ruler of the Global Country of World Peace

Maharishi offered supreme praise for His Majesty Raja Raam, First Ruler of the Global Country of World Peace, and the world's foremost scientist whose research revealed that the human physiology is the expression of consciousness—the Constitution of the Universe—the field of bliss.

His Majesty Raja Raam personally performed the global coronation ceremony for the newly-trained Rajas, which was celebrated from 7 to 13 February at the highest point in Holland. 'His Majesty Raja Raam has trained Rajas as examples of competent rulers in the world—and many more Rajas will soon be trained,' Maharishi said. 'Then every nation will be administered by rulers who are competent to prevent the emergence of any problems or negativity anywhere in the nation.'

Schools, colleges, and universities are being established to provide experience of the Constitution of the Universe for the students to rise to enlightenment themselves while collectively raising the nation to invincibility

Maharishi acknowledged that it may sound presumptuous for the Global Country of World Peace to say it will create 'a world free from problems'. However, Maharishi emphasized, that is the reality of the Constitution of the Universe, a field that is beyond all change—without problems and suffering—and eternally the same.

'The Constitution of the Universe has been experienced within the self-referral consciousness of all those who practise Transcendental Meditation and Yogic Flying,' Maharishi said. 'Now, with the blessings of our master Guru Dev and the tradition of Vedic masters, the Global Country of World Peace is establishing schools, colleges, and universities around the globe to ensure that everyone in the world unfolds the reality of the Constitution of the Universe in his daily life,' Maharishi said.

The age-old history of government failure is coming to an end

Maharishi concluded by saying that the age-old history of government failure is coming to an end. 'We don't mind what has happened in the past because now we have the ability to shape the future for all good for everyone in life. Every individual will rise to enjoy his cosmic status through the experience of the Constitution of the Universe—the unmanifest field where individual consciousness and unbounded consciousness meet,' said Maharishi, who added that the collective effect of groups of Yogic Flyers will be miraculous as well. 'Life in every nation will be free from negativity, conflict, and sickness—life will be lived in bliss. The Rajas are going to create such a world by training competent administrators and establishing prevention-oriented government in every nation now—and for all times to come.'

Copyright 2005, Global Country of World Peace

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