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Maharishi renews urgent appeal to governments
by Peace Government Media Team

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27 January 2005

His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi this week renewed his urgent appeal to government leaders to adopt his proven technology to create invincibility for their nations—or else be driven from office by the people for the government's continued failures.

'We have repeatedly invited governments to utilize the knowledge and practical programmes of the Unified Field,' Maharishi said. 'But if they don't act, then their parental role will go to some new people because the nation is more important than the individuals.'

Maharishi's appeal came during his 19 January global news conference, which was broadcast live on all continents via satellite and Internet webcast from the Capital of the Global Country of World Peace in Meru, Holland.

'We are talking about a scientific technology that can make every nation invincible'

Maharishi said all leaders share the same dilemma: they lack the knowledge to prevent problems. 'We are offering that new knowledge to every government,' said Maharishi, who emphasized that his words should not be taken as gossip, philosophy, or lofty-sounding principles. 'We are talking hard facts about a scientific technology that can prevent problems and make every nation invincible.'

Maharishi's programme to create invincibility for every nation and permanent world peace calls for establishing several groups of 8,000 peace-creating Yogic Flyers throughout the world. 'These groups will enliven in world consciousness the Constitution of the Universe—the Unified Field—which administers the infinite diversity of the ever-expanding galactic universe with perfect order. They will create an invincible influence of coherence in world consciousness so that negativity will not arise anywhere in the world,' said Maharishi, who emphasized that even a few governments or a few wealthy well-wishers of peace could easily fund the establishment of the groups.

'The military has the power to die for the nation—but dying for the nation does not save the nation'

In response to a press question, Maharishi admonished governments and governmental organizations, such as the United Nations, that depend upon the military to secure the safety and security of nations and the world. 'Let the world press inform the people: No military in the world can save the nation. The military has the power to die for the nation, but dying for the nation does not save the nation. The whole approach is uncivilized and fraudulent,' Maharishi said.

Government leaders should fulfil their parental role for the people

Maharishi said government leaders should fulfil their parental role for the people and utilize the knowledge of the Constitution of the Universe to prevent problems, fear, disease, and ignorance in the nation. 'We are offering every government the knowledge to rise up from the darkness of ignorance to the light of knowledge. This knowledge will create a global influence of coherence and harmony so that the mischief-mongers and destructive powers in the world will simply not arise.'

Constitution of the Universe is an all-time reality that does not depend upon the votes of the people

Maharishi contrasted the Constitution of the Universe, which promotes the evolution of everyone and everything in the ever-expanding galactic universe, with man-made constitutions, which promote chaos and confusion in society. 'Everyone knows that the intelligence of a man's ideas depends upon how alert or drowsy he is. So, even though a man-made constitution may be a well-meaning composition, nevertheless it will have human weaknesses and failings. Man-made constitutions do not compare with the authority of the non-man-made Constitution of the Universe—the will of God—which has no weaknesses in it,' Maharishi said.

Maharishi said knowledge of the Constitution of the Universe is available from the modern physical sciences, the ancient science of consciousness, and the holy texts of every religion. 'It is complete, authentic, and proven beyond a doubt. It is an all-time reality that can never be disturbed by anyone or anything—nor does it depend upon the votes of the people,' Maharishi said. 'And now, fortunately, we have the knowledge and technology of the Constitution of the Universe to connect the administration of human society with the flawless administration of the universe, and thereby raise every nation to invincibility and create permanent world peace.'

Now is the time to take the knowledge—or leave it

Maharishi concluded by emphasizing strongly that the knowledge is available for leaders to create a bright new world—but they need to act quickly. 'Don't resist it—because if you resist it you are resisting your own success,' Maharishi told the leaders. 'Now is the time to make your decision to take the knowledge—or leave it. Take it and enjoy invincibility—or don't take it and knowingly and willingly surrender yourself to destruction. The choice is yours.'

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