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Filmmaker David Lynch launches peace plan based on Transcendental Meditation - Part I
by Global Good News staff writer

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20 March 2008

Dr David Lynch's Foundation for Consciousness-Based Education and World Peace will provide $1 million in scholarships for students to learn to meditate and to attend Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield, Iowa, USA. Dr Lynch gave a webcast press conference on 19 March 2008, to answer questions about this announcement.

'America has more than enough war colleges promoting the science of destruction. The nation urgently needs at least one university to teach the science of peace—and to actually promote peace in the world.'—David Lynch

Question: Why are you giving scholarships to learn to meditate and attend Maharishi University of Management?

Dr David Lynch:
'I had the great pleasure several years ago, my first time visiting Maharishi University of Management—and while I was there, I was taken to a high school play. I thought it was going to be one of the most boring nights. It was a cold and rainy night, a small theatre, high school play: I thought, ''I'm in for a long night.''

'Out onto the stage came students who weren't actors, but who were glowing with consciousness. This performance they put on blew my mind! It was so unbelievably smart, funny. Their timing, their performances, and their faces and the way they went, I saw something that made me realize that this place is extremely special.

'I started meeting the students later—each one themselves, but so strong, so self-assured, so kind, so understanding, so appreciative of life. This is because they're unfolding this consciousness and glowing it. We are like light bulbs. We enjoy this light of unity within and we radiate it—when you radiate this, you're radiating dynamic peace; you're radiating harmony, coherence, bliss out into the world. You're affecting other people in the most positive, positive way.

'To give someone a scholarship—come to the David Lynch Weekend, ask all these questions, meet the students, get the feel of the vibe of this place, it's so special. Know about enlightenment, know about experiencing the big Self deep within, it's so, so sweet to get there with Transcendental Meditation—from your first meditation.

'Learn about unfolding your true, true potential. Learn about enlightenment. Learn about how peace is so possible; become a peace-creating expert. It's so beautiful.'

Question: Is this meditation-based approach to peace theory or is it fact? What is the evidence to back up your claims?

Dr John Hagelin*, world renowned quantum physicist, answered this question giving information on the enormous body of scientific evidence over the past 30 years, which shows that Transcendental Meditation, especially group practice, powerfully promotes peace in the environment and dissolves social stress and tension, including the acute political, ethnic, and religious tensions that fuel violence and war.

Scientific research has shown Transcendental Meditation produces a unique fourth state of consciousness, Dr Hagelin explained. He showed charts that exhibit orderliness and coherence between the different parts of the brain, saying that the whole brain functions in concert, in a completely coherent, unified experience.

'This is a fundamental breakthrough in the field of education and brain development,' Dr Hagelin said, 'because scientific research shows that this orderliness of brain functioning corresponds with increased creativity, increased intelligence, IQ, increased memory, improved academic performance, enhanced moral reasoning. Everything in life depends on the orderly functioning of the brain, the systematic use of the entire brain.

'Education should develop the total brain, but to achieve this meditation and the experience of this unbounded awareness, universal consciousenss, the Unified Field, must be part of the academic routine,' Dr Hagelin said.

Dr Lynch then spoke about the experience of Transcendental Meditation, saying that 'people look better, you start loving your fellow man, you don't think about hurting anyone, and people seem to like you when you have more and more and more of this. They don't want to hurt you, it's a real phenomenon. And it comes from within. And this field is for every human being, no matter what religion, what nation you come from.

'You know, if you're a human being, this is our field. As Dr Hagelin would tell you, at this deepest level we are all one. It's a field of unity, unity. And when real peace comes to this earth it will be because this field of unity, this light of unity is enlivened in the midst of diversity.

'All diversity will be appreciated fully in the light of unity. All cultures remain, all diversity remains, but it's all appreciated fully. No one wants to hurt any one. The light of unity destroys the enmity in an enemy. It destroys negativity. Real peace is the absence of negativity, the seeds of war.

'[Transcendental Meditation] makes people peaceful, but not a sleepy, dull peace. It makes people happy in the doing, getting ideas, moving boldly if euphorically forward. And it's a real phenomenon.'

* Dr Hagelin is also Raja (Administrator) of Invincible America and Minister of Science and Technology of the Global Country of World Peace.

Global Good News will feature Part II of this article on 21 March, 2008.

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