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Maharishi speaks to Purusha - Part I
by Global Good News staff writer

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4 September 2007

Speaking recently to groups of the Maharishi Purusha(sm)* Program around the world, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Founder of the Global Country of World Peace, said: 'The joy is a magic clarion call created by Purusha in so many parts of the world. [In] so many parts of the world Purusha [infinite silence] is lively, and it was so heart-rendering, so fulfilling, the voice of Latin America, the voice of Latin America nourished by Raja Luis [Dr Jose Luis Alvarez Roset], the Raja of Latin America.

'Now his voice is, ''I am Purusha. I am Purusha. I am Raam Raj Sanchalak. That means, ''I am the administrator of the administration of Raja Raam.''

'Who is Raja Raam? Raam Brahm Paramaratha Rupa. Raam is pure spirituality. Unity consciousness. Brahm [Totality]. ''I am Brahm. Raam Raj Sanchalak hain.'' This is the Hindi echo of the English version of 'I am the administration of the Constitution of the Universe. I am Purusha.'

'From where is this voice coming? It's coming from a level of Total Natural Law, which has been brought to human awareness by the present day scientists like Dr John Hagelin [world-renowned quantum physicist and Executive Director of the International Center for Invincible Defense in New York City, USA.].

Maharishi said to Dr Hagelin, 'You are enjoying the miracle of your students. You have taught them that there is one Unified Field—one Unified Field at the climax of all diversity, very well united together. There is the seat of Purusha. Purusha is a silent witness. Purusha in himself, Purusha in his self-referral state is all by himself, and all by himself he is the be-all and end-all of existence.

'And that element, the be-all and end-all, is expressing itself, singing the song of its dignity, of its magnanimity, of its invincibility; singing the song in the original culture language of the land of the Veda, India, Bharat. Bharat means Pratibharat, and Pratibharat means all glory, all dignity, Totality, completely self-referral, all by itself. Complete silence, but the basis of all activity, the unity of all diversity. This is being sung on the other side of the globe today.

'And what is today? The Raja of India has asked his Chief Administrator to collect 20,000 Purusha in order to cater for the requirement of invincibility of all the 192 countries in the family of nations. Today they have been talking together. It was such a delight for me to hear in the Global Family Chat that the echo is coming from the other side of the globe. Another echo is coming from another side of the globe.

'We have heard from the Raja of Denmark a beautiful explanation, a beautiful description of the quality of Danish national consciousness—Danish national consciousness in the form of Danish government on one side, and in the form of Danish press on the other side, is demanding to understand. It was such a joy to hear from the Raja of Denmark that the press is demanding from all directions—singly, collectively—the government is demanding to understand the mechanics of invincibility. They had a conference, and they have a meeting with the government.

'The government now wants to have meeting after meeting to understand the Science and Technology Minister [of the Global Country of World Peace]. It'll be such a joy to our Science and Technology Minister, Dr Hagelin. Already Dr Hagelin has expressed his viewpoints—What is invincibility in terms of science? Physical sciences, chemical sciences, numerical sciences. What has science come to understand? What science has come to understand [is] how the single individual is competent to create reverberations on that level that is the level of the Unified Field of all the laws of nature.

'This is a demand from the government to understand, and from the press to understand. . . . I'm expressing to Purusha something about their personal experience, how the personal experience of the individual Purusha is capable of producing national invincibility. There is a demand from the government. There is a demand from one level of national government in Denmark, and there is a demand from another level of government, the level of Mayor—a Mayor of the town near the capital city of Argentina. Mayor is also a level of the government.

'Here another level of the government is now commanding to understand: ''What is that which can make the individual custodian of that level of performance nourish every aspect of diversity in the universe?'' Invincibility is a quality of consciousness on that level which is the ultimate level of all diversity. That means, all [the] action principle [is] accumulated on the level of the Unified Field of Natural Law.

'One wants to understand why, and I'm very glad to say that Purusha is completely ready to satisfy this query of the world consciousness. In one word, this has been answered ten years ago by the administrator of the Global Country of World Peace, Maharaja Nader Raam. From the platform of science he very simply declared in a 300-400 page book, all the details of the functioning of the physiology on the basis of how the basis of physiology, the field of consciousness, functions within itself.

'Functioning of the physiology is the demonstration of the outside functioning, but the actual functioning takes place within the self-referral field of consciousness. Raja Raam was recognized ten years ago by the wise of the [Transcendental Meditation] Movement that there is the finer explanation that the world will always require, of how the individual is able to demonstrate the functioning of Total Natural Law.

'How is the individual capable of demonstrating total Natural Law? The answer is because the individual is constructed in terms of Natural Law—total Natural Law. The individual is constructed, is built in the nature of a cosmic reality that can create infinite diversity—and not only create it, but maintain it, and not only maintain it, but maintain its evolution to the supreme level of ultimate Unity, Brahm.

'Today this is the song of the world. Argentina is singing ''I am that, and I am that, and I am that.'' And ''I am the mover of life, and I am the Vedic administration. I'm the Vedic administration.'' Vedic—that means, ''I am the motivator; I am the essential feature of cosmic reality.''

'This is the song of Argentina today, in the scientific age, when our scientists have determined in terms of equations, what the relation is between the numbers and the basic value of number. What is the basic value? What is the basic value of all numbers? I am speaking to Purusha today and they are ready to explain to the world on the basis of their experience how this happens in the individual—that he is capable to command [total Natural Law], the cosmic administrator of the ever-expanding universe; how the individual is able to command the existence, Being. Unity becoming many, both things; Unified Field and many becoming unified—one and many together, because the whole visible, active physiology on all levels is the expression of consciousness.

'This is the glory of the scientific research of Maharaja Nader Raam who declared—he declared not his dream, he declared not his personal cognition, but he declared the reality of all diversity. From where Raja Raam spoke? One simple example: There is a tree. What is a tree after all? So many leaves, so many, many branches, so many, many flowers, so many, many fruits, all multiple expressions, but of whom? Of the sap. One. Now we say ''What is the sap?''

'One transcendental reality of the leaf. Same transcendental reality of the branches, of the flowers, of the fruits. Transcendental reality—that means reality beyond specified expressions. The reality beyond specified expressions is one self-referral reality of the leaf, so when we say a tree, we say ''Yes, so many things, but at the basis of so many things is the transcendental sap.' So it is the transcendental sap that is the reality.

'When we say reality, that means it's a lasting something. Sap is a lasting something, in the leaf, in the branches, in the flower, in the fruit. It's a lasting something, and this lasting something appears to be changing this into this. Branches into leaves, and leaves into flowers, and flowers into fruits, into juice. All these expressions are really—now I want to use that word—they are the ''make-ups'' of the real, reality which is pure Unity on its own level, transcendental reality.

'The transcendental reality—every Purusha is the experiencer of that. Now today Purusha's voice is no more the voice of only Purusha; it is actually the voice of Purusha, but it's sung in the Hindi language in Argentina. It is sung in the language of the government as an inquiry. It is sung in the language of the press of Denmark as an inquiry: ''Tell me how the individual can be so much that he is able to command invincibility not only for himself but for his nation. Not only for his nation, but for his world of diversity.

'This is a question being demanded by the world. Purusha is completely expressive, is completely—I won't say capable, because there is a capability. This is very natural for Purusha to radiate what he himself is, and what is a Purusha? Purusha knows. Others may not know. Purusha knows what he is. Purusha knows he is out through the senses, he is in through the mind. He is more in through the intellect. He is more in through the ego, he is more in through the cosmic ego, Brahm.

'Aham Brahmasmi, ''I am Brahm''. ''I am Totality'' has been the clarion call of the field of knowledge, Total Knowledge, sung in India in the Vedic language. Aham Brahmasmi, translated in different languages of India, and now we hear—it is such a joy—that the world consciousness is echoing the same reality, echoing the same reality. It was such a beautiful thing.

'I would just like to hear it endlessly; these beautiful expressions that Vaidik vishwa prashasak hain. Ham Raam Raj sanchalak hain. Ham vaidik vishwa prashasak hain. Ham Raam Raj sanchalak hain. These, I'm hearing the echo from India today, and the Raja of India is organizing 20,000 Purusha, 20,000 Purusha to live this reality that ''I am the administrator of Raam Raj.''

' ''I am the administrator of Raam Raj.'' This is heard from across the globe; this is my Family Chat this evening—woven in the ultimate thread of reality where every thread is well connected with every other thread. ''I am Vaidik vishwa prashasak. Vaidik vishwa prashasak hain ham. Vaidik vishwa prashasak hain ham.'' I admire your skill, Raja [Luis], you are so successful, you are so successful, your domain, 20-30 countries represented by the Lord Mayor. I would call him Lord Mayor of Argentina, [he] is the Mayor of all the Latin American countries, the great Mayor of Latin American countries.

'Raja Luis, announce to the world the great sacred name of the Mayor. What is his name? [Julio Pereira]. [He] is laying the foundation stone of the Tower of Invincibility in his Mayorship there. This is the voice of reality. This is the expression of that mechanics of administration of the universe, where every little bit of multiple expression is governed for its existence, for its evolution, and for its coming together to function as Unity.

'It is such a joy, and Purusha is completely competent. This is the daily experience of the Purusha, this is the daily experience of the Purusha that Purusha is completely out of the duality. Purusha is hovering in his self-referral state of Being. And Purusha is now capable of speaking with authority. Whose authority? The authority of the eternal script of Natural Law, the Veda. Purusha has been looking into his own experiences deep within himself. He is just himself. Self-referral. Being self-referral, he has in his character a self-referral motion. Self-referral motion, for us to understand, is the going out and coming in, going out and coming in, going out and coming in.

'It is exactly the same thing that happens to the sap, in a leaf, in a flower, in a branch, the leaf. The leaf knows, ''I am all over the leaf, and not only I am all over the leaf, I am all over the thickness of the leaf, the thinness of the leaf, the branch of the leaf, the flower of the leaf. I know that, I know that, I know that.''

'What is there is omnipresence of the most fundamental, most basic action. Most basic action; it is just made of action, but that action is on the border of expression and the unexpressed state.

'That's why it knows itself very well. It is an area in the middle of Being himself, self-referral, and being himself on two levels—Being, the unmanifest, and Being, the manifest leaf. Unmanifest sap and unmanifest Being—this is the experience these days. This is the experience these days of Purusha, when Purusha is experiencing that which is all capability, to get everything done from that eternal level of silence.'

* Purusha: Purusha are single men devoted to a programme carefully designed by Maharishi for those who wish to dedicate themselves fully to the most rapid pace of evolution possible and creating world peace. This is accomplished through the extended group practice of the TM-Sidhi programme and activity dedicated to the fulfilment of the many programmes of Maharishi's worldwide movement.

'Purusha is a very ideal programme.... It is a wonderful programme for the individual to harness the full creative potential of Natural Law and use it to enjoy bliss. World peace is a by-product of it. Heavenly life on earth is a by-product of it.'—Maharishi

Please see also Purusha.

Global Good News will feature Part II of this article on 6 September.

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