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Professor Ruy Muniz, MP, proposing to make Consciousness-Based Education a law in Brazil

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23 March 2007

Professor Ruy Muniz, Vice Chancellor of Soebras University in Brazil, is not only an educator, but also a Member of Parliament and a medical doctor. As an MP, he is in the process of proposing a law in his legislative assembly to have Transcendental Meditation and Yogic Flying instituted into the school system of the country, especially in the state of Minas Gerais.

Professor Muniz recently came to the the Capital of the Global Country of World Peace in MERU, Holland, to report on the progress of his great undertaking.

As Vice Chancellor of Soebras and its subsidiaries, Professor Muniz has become a champion of Consciousness-Based Education, undertaking a full-scale implementation of Transcendental Meditation and Yogic Flying into the schools under his care, comprising about 25,000 students and 3000 teachers, to bring about invincibility for Brazil. The initial goal is to create 1,500-2,000 permanent Yogic Flyers within the next month, enough for an Invincible Brazil and an upsurge of invincibility for all of Latin America.

With the addition of these new programmes, each student will now have the wholeness of Total Knowledge of Natural Law to bring to their chosen fields. It is a great boon for all students of Brazil that they may raise their nation to invincibility through Total Knowledge.

It will be very important that all 25,000 students be accommodated under the protection of proper Vastu for the permanent invincibility of the country, so a transition plan is now being designed to move the entire group into correctly oriented facilities.

Professor Muniz's proposal marks a new trend in the teaching of Transcendental Meditation in schools—a move from private schools into the public school system, and instituting TM as policy and law in the education system.

In his role as a medical doctor in his own hospitals and clinics, Professor Muniz is taking on the responsibility to implement Maharishi Ayurveda in clinics, hospitals, and schools, including the introduction of spas for purity of life, and Maharishi Rejuvenation treatments (known traditionally as Panchakarma) to introduce the quality of Vedic medicine and health to all the people.

Colleges of Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Nursing, and Physiotherapy are already in existence at Soebras University; all that is needed, says Professor Muniz, is to add Total Knowledge of the Vedic approach to Health and Medicine, for the quality of life and the benefit of the whole of Latin America.

Regarding other progress in Brazil and Latin America on Maharishi's Six-Point Programme to create a healthy, happy, prosperous society, and a peaceful world: There is good progress in the development of the Global Development Currency, the Raam, in Brazil, under the leadership of Dr Benjamin Feldman, Minister of Finance and Planning of the Global Country of World Peace. That development, along with the development of Vedic Organic Agriculture, will be very elemental in eliminating poverty, raising the level of prosperity, and creating invincibility in Brazil.

Brazil is fully supporting the growth of organic agriculture and making it a national priority. In the northeast particularly, there are very good crops and excellent honey already, with potential for much greater development.

Clearly, Professor Ruy Muniz is taking on no less than the transformation of his whole country. 'He is doing for his country,' said Dr Peter Swan, host of the Maharishi Global Family Chat, 'what no government and no president has done for their country.'

'It is very important to support our leaders,' said Dr Muniz, 'and the field to support leaders is through education. Only through education will we have proper administration. Total Knowledge for everyone will bring perfection in administration.'

Asked whether he felt any changes in receptivity to his ideas in more recent months, Dr Muniz noted that since learning Transcendental Meditation he has become more creative, and with this creativity, he has been more successful in different aspects of activity—even in politics, more supported in his ideas, and that the use of Total Knowledge is opening up new avenues for him.

It is the experience of the Vice Chancellor that he has become a better human being since beginning the practice of TM. The way he serves his people is more successful, blending compassion, service, and a willingness to support them. As a result, people react naturally to his wishes. And because he is working to improve the quality of life of others with such a full heart, his personal life has also improved, as well as the support for his leadership.

It is his desire to do everything he can to implement every aspect of Maharishi's 6 Point Programme and to help his people overcome their problems and experience real fulfilment in their lives.

Dr Muniz is a great believer in doing things from the heart. It comes naturally to him to accomplish things for people from the level of his own Being, from that level of all possibilities. Said Raja José Luis, the Raja (leader of the Global Country of World Peace) for Latin America, 'He is just flowing in That.'

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