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Maharishi offers vedic education to create a world of bliss
by Peace Government Media Team

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23 December 2004

Vedic Education will awaken within every student the Unified Field—the cosmic intelligence that administers the universe with perfect order—to create a perfect man, raise every nation to invincibility, and promote a world of bliss, free from all problems and suffering.

This was the striking message delivered by His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi to government leaders and educators during Maharishi's 15 December global news conference.

Lack of knowledge is the root cause of all problems

Maharishi identified the root cause of all problems as a lack of knowledge—and held today's fragmented approach to education accountable. 'Whatever children learn during their student years is not enough for them to utilize their full brain potential. That is why their desires are not completely fulfilled and their thoughts are not fully effective—and that is why there are problems everywhere in the world,' Maharishi said. In contrast, Maharishi said, Vedic Education provides students with the experience of Total Knowledge within their own Transcendental Consciousness to enliven every aspect of their brain physiology. 'Only the experience of self-referral Transcendental Consciousness gained during Transcendental Meditation engages the total brain—and when the total brain functions, the Unified Field functions,' Maharishi said. 'Throughout the ages, the wise have proclaimed that ''man is made in the image of God''. So today let us ensure that the Unified Field—the divinity within man—is fully awake in the unbounded Transcendental Consciousness of everyone.'

The need for Total Knowledge is urgent

Maharishi pointed to the widespread failure of governments as evidence of the urgent need for Total Knowledge. As an example, Maharishi cited the military, which has the power to send the youth to die in the name of the country but has proven powerless to save the nation from attack. Maharishi also cited the humanly conceived laws of a nation, which fail to produce fulfilled citizens—and instead leave them unhappy and dissatisfied. 'Then, when the people are unhappy and make mistakes, the government puts them in jail,' Maharishi said. 'This is wrong, this is cruel—this is not the parental role of government, which is to prevent problems for the nation.' Rather than punish people, Maharishi said, governments should fulfil their parental role by offering the knowledge of Total Natural Law—the Constitution of the Universe—to the whole population through its departments of education, health, economy, agriculture, defence, etc.

Maharishi also made it clear that there is no reason to criticize people when they make mistakes if they do not yet have the knowledge to live a mistake-free life. 'It is like the child who has not been trained properly to drive a car—how can you expect him not to get into accidents?' Maharishi said. 'We cannot criticize people who make mistakes—we can only sympathize with them. And we invite them with love and appreciation to take this Total Knowledge to enjoy a life in bliss consciousness—free from problems and suffering.'

Everything is possible in this scientific age

Maharishi acknowledged that many people may not believe that such an ideal life is possible. However, Maharishi emphasized, it is not only possible but easily attainable. 'Everything is possible in this scientific age,' Maharishi said. 'Through Total Knowledge, bliss is possible, invincibility is possible, and Heaven on Earth is possible. And we are doing everything we can to introduce Total Knowledge to the whole population—to give a lighted lamp to everyone so that no one continues to live in darkness.'

In response to a press question, Maharishi emphasized the ease of training students in Total Knowledge. 'I have said repeatedly that it is much easier to train children in Total Knowledge than it is to train them in partial knowledge. This is because partial knowledge will never be fully satisfying, whereas the totality of knowledge will always be fulfilling—and will always promote a life free from problems and suffering.'

Vedic Education will develop a perfect man and invincibility for the nation

Maharishi concluded by saying that Vedic Education will develop a perfect man—the basis of invincibility for the nation. 'A perfect man is one whose desires will be automatically achieved by Natural Law through thought alone. A perfect man will be naturally harmonious within himself and will naturally radiate that harmony into his surroundings. And when such individuals practise Transcendental Meditation and Yogic Flying in a group, their harmonious influence will naturally radiate out to create coherent collective consciousness and invincibility in the nation,' Maharishi said. 'With the blessings of the tradition of Vedic Masters, here is an opportunity for mankind to rise to a grand level of divinity—permanent peace and perfection for all of humanity.'

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