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Maharishi's message to educators is that today's education condemns a student to a life of servitude
by Peace Government Media Team

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15 September 2004

Vedic Education will deliver total knowledge to every student and culture his mind to fulfil all his desires with the support of total Natural Law. In contrast, existing systems of education increase ignorance more than knowledge and enslave a man to a life of servitude working for money rather than enjoying a life of freedom in enlightenment.

This was the bold message delivered to government leaders and educators by His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi during his September 8 global news conference. Maharishi will hold his next global news conferences on September 15 and 16, which will be broadcast live via satellite and Internet webcast from the Capital of the Global Country of World Peace in Meru, Holland.

Every government should allocate land for Vedic universities

Maharishi called on government leaders in every country to allocate a few hectares of land to construct Vedic universities, colleges, and schools. 'With Vedic Education, every child in every country will awaken to his birthright and enjoy the infinite reality of life,' Maharishi said.

Vedic Education increases knowledge day by day

Maharishi said the speciality of Vedic Education is to provide every child with the total knowledge of Natural Law—the Unified Field—which administers the universe with perfect order. 'It is possible to give students total knowledge because modern science has discovered the Unified Field and because Vedic Science provides every student with the experience of the Unified Field within his own self-referral consciousness—Atma,' Maharishi said.

Maharishi explained that Vedic Education first provides total knowledge in one word. 'First you gain total knowledge in its point value— 'A' —and then the knowledge is systematically expanded to encompass the infinite totality of knowledge. In this way, Vedic Education increases knowledge day by day,' Maharishi said.

Modern education increases ignorance

In contrast, Maharishi dismissed the present approach to education as a glorified system that increases ignorance. 'The more you study physics or biology or chemistry, the more you are aware that a greater field of knowledge remains unknown. That means, despite all its glories, modern education increases ignorance more than it increases knowledge,' Maharishi said.

Maharishi added that today's education condemns a man to a life of dependence and servitude. 'It's a cruel philosophy to educate a man to work for money,' Maharishi said. 'Life cannot be measured in terms of money—it can only be measured on its own infinite level.'

Vedic Education brings the support of total Natural Law to fulfil desires

In comparison to the servitude produced by modern education, Maharishi said, Vedic Education brings the support of total Natural Law to fulfil the individual's every desire. 'Through Transcendental Meditation, you train the mind to think from the Unified Field so the infinite creative intelligence of total Natural Law helps to fulfil your desires,' said Maharishi, who added that the practice of Yogic Flying provides proof of the mind's command over the Unified Field—the field of gravity. 'With a gentle thought from the Unified Field for the body to lift up during Yogic Flying, the body immediately lifts up,' Maharishi said.

No one will suffer with Vedic universities in every country

Maharishi said that a student educated at a Vedic university will enjoy a life of all possibilities in enlightenment. 'He will live life as he wishes—without problems, tension, and suffering—fully supported by total Natural Law. He will rule the world and the universe,' Maharishi said. 'With Vedic universities in every country no one will suffer now—or in any generation to come.'

Maharishi concluded by emphasising that his offer is simple and effective. 'We take delight in making this offer,' Maharishi said. 'Those who take it today will enjoy. But it doesn't matter if someone is stubborn—because if he doesn't take it today he will take it tomorrow or the next day or the day after. The nature of life is bliss, so one day he will take it and enjoy.'

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