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The Parliament of World Peace offers Consciousness-Based Education to develop total brain potential

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Lake Shandelee, New York,
22 July 2004

The Parliament of World Peace offers this complete knowledge of Natural Law to each field of life, including Education, so that responsible leaders can take recourse to higher intelligence—the total Natural Law that peacefully administers the universe without a problem—to create a prevention-oriented and problem-free government, and national and international life filled with peace, good health, prosperity and fulfilment.

In the field of Education—the Peace Palaces offer Consciousness-Based Education introduced by His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi over thirty years ago, which effectively develops the total brain potential of every student.

Awakening of the total brain potential is only achieved through the experience of the silent, peaceful level of the student's consciousness, Transcendental Consciousness, during the practice of the simple, natural technique of Transcendental Meditation.

Consciousness-Based Education Fundamental to Creating World Peace:

Education that develops the total brain and unfolds the peaceful inner nature of the individual is fundamental to creating world peace, because a peaceful individual living in harmony with Natural Law is the unit of world peace. For a forest to be green, every tree must be green. For the world to be peaceful every individual should rise to a state of stable inner peace.

Nations of such fortunate, enlightened, peaceful individuals will never experience war or terrorism penetrating their national borders, threatening their national prosperity and happiness, and their lives.

Failure of the Present Segmented Approach of Education:

The present segmented approach to education whereby students study specific areas of Natural Law such as physics, management, and engineering only enlivens specific areas of the brain, and never the total brain. Lack of total brain functioning is the root of all problems and mistakes that students make in their youth and throughout their life, which creates so many difficulties for the government and the nation.

Schools are in chaos, and nations are full of problems and conflict just because of this failure of education to develop the total brain.

Adding a Period of Peace to the Educational Routine:

All that is necessary to completely change this situation is to add one more period to the school day—a period of peace. During this period the students practice Transcendental Meditation which in a very simple way gives the experience of the student's own consciousness in its most peaceful state—Transcendental, Pure Consciousness—which creates highly coherent brain functioning, and awakens the hidden reserves of the brain potential.

The experience of Pure Consciousness is the experience of the student's own Self, which is infinitely peaceful and blissful. In this way, the students will fulfil the ancient dictum: 'Know Thy Self', and blossom as lighthouses of peace and harmony for their whole society.

Experiencing the Unified State of Knower, Knowing and Known:

Whenever we know anything, there is always the knower, the process of knowing and an object of knowledge. In modern education, only the object of knowledge is emphasized, and the knower and process of knowing are basically ignored.

In Consciousness-Based Education, the knower, the process of knowing and the object of knowledge are simultaneously developed through the experience of the unified basis of all three in the state of pure consciousness—the Self.

This is how this educational approach develops the total personality of the students—the holistic development of their total potentiality of life—from the surface of life in all fields of knowledge to be studied to the basis of it all in the Self—the student's unbounded consciousness.

Education for Enlightenment: Intellectual and Experiential

The students also gain intellectual understanding about consciousness as the basic field of the universe. Scientists now realize that the universal field of consciousness brought to light in the Vedic tradition of knowledge throughout time is identical to the Unified Field of Natural Law of quantum physics—the fundamental field of Nature's intelligence which is the source of all fields of Natural Law, and of the ever-expanding universe.

This Consciousness-Based approach to education, combining direct experience and intellectual understanding of pure consciousness, raises every student to their unbounded creative potentiality and gives them the experience of deepest inner peace in enlightenment—higher states of consciousness. This approach delivers the fruit of all knowledge to every student—life lived spontaneously in accord with Natural Law, free from mistakes and problems.

Gaining the Support of the Evolutionary Power of Natural Law:

Students utilizing their total brain potential gain the ability to spontaneously engage the support of the evolutionary power of total Natural Law for their thought, action and behaviour, bringing success and fulfilment to personal and professional life.

There is a Vedic saying that describes this phenomenon of gaining the support of Natural Law to fulfil one's aspirations:

Yatinam Brahma Bhavati Sarathih

For those established in self-referral consciousness, the totality of Natural Law (the administrator of the universe) spontaneously carries out their thoughts and actions.

This expression gives the key for every student to gain good fortune in his personal and professional life.

Copyright 2004 Maharishi Parliament of World Peace

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