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The correlation between sacred sites around the world and the human brain and nervous system: Dr Satish Kumar - Part I
by Global Good News staff writer

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29 November 2007

Dr Kumar explains his discovery of the correlation between Rk Veda and the shape of Veda Bhumi Bharat, ancient India. He also speaks about the influence of sacred sites on our human physiology and our influence on the cosmos.

Starting his talk, Dr Satish Kumar expressed his deep gratitude to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Founder of the Global Country of World Peace, and the Vedic Tradition; he then presented his research, inspired by the timeless knowledge and discoveries of Maharishi over many years, and the discovery by Maharaja Nader Raam of Veda in our human physiology.

Dr Kumar's research presented the sacred sites and temples of India—which is also called Veda Bhumi Bharat*—as correlated with the neurological centres in the human brain and nervous system, through the scientific perspective of the physiology as an expression of the Vedic Literature.

Dr Kumar said what controls the entire body is, of course, our brain. 'So from here, our discovery can start, and we are just going to relate the geography of Bharat, India, with the brain.'

Dr Kumar said that the basis of this correlation is that Maharishi tells us that Rk Veda is at the basis of the entire functioning of the physiology. From this we can get the simple inference, or knowledge that Rk Veda also gives rise to the geography of Bharat. So they have a very common basis in the Unified Field. 'We can very beautifully and simply infer that Bharat and the human nervous system have Rk Veda as their common basis. If so, if two are having a common basis, then it's quite natural that those two will be related also,' said Dr Kumar.

Dr Kumar pointed out that many years ago in one of his books, Maharishi had written that the physical shape of India is like the spiralling shape of Rk Veda: the total potential of Natural Law has expressed itself in the shape of India. Maharishi had written that Rk Veda forms the physiology of India; Rk Veda gives a physiological structure to India. India represents the holistic structure of Rk Veda, in which reside the Devas, the administrators or impulses of intelligence responsible for the administration of the universe.

'This clarion call was clearly given by Maharishi,' said Dr Kumar, 'and this was a great inspiration, and the discovery actually took place a few years ago. Maharishi often used to just say that all the Devatas are present in Bharat. And Maharishi and Maharaja Nader Raam had such beautiful discussions about Veda and physiology. Maharaja Nader Raam used to say, ''All the Devatas are in the brain.'' '

'So it was just a simple correlation that occurred,' said Dr Kumar. The entire discussion was given out on the Maharishi Channel, long ago when it started, and Dr Kumar just had to correlate between those beautiful timeless words.

The whole holistic functioning of human physiology is controlled by the human nervous system, and that is nothing but a reflection of Rk Veda, as Maharaja Nader Raam has clearly brought about.

'So now here we are with the vision of Veda in Vishwa [the universe],' said Dr Kumar. 'This is a superimposition analogy between the outline of Bharat and the brain.' He showed the outline of modern India and ancient Bharat. 'Bharat is not, as we see now, politically divided by humans, but ancient Bharat has an exact shape of the brain. Here you find that the outline of the sagittal section—that means the brain cut through the middle into the left and right halves—that shape of the brain in the sagittal section and the shape of ancient undivided India, is almost the same. This is just a starting point from which we'll be seeing further miraculous correlations in each and every part of India and the brain.'

Dr Kumar then spoke about the sacred pilgrimage sites in the geography of the world, and the neurological centres in the human nervous system. He mentioned a new field called archaeo-astronomy, which is a very precise correlation between the various heavenly bodies in the cosmos, and certain specific sites in the geography of the world. So these have been known since time immemorial; in all the civilizations, this knowledge has been there.

'If you take the ancient traditions, the Mayan tradition, Egyptians or Islam, everywhere the emphasis has been given to certain specific geographical points, and here we can see a beautiful correlation by the cosmos—the cosmic powers concentrated in certain spots in the planet Earth—and these have been marked by various civilizations and different names: it could be temples, it could be mosques, it could be certain spots geographically marked as you will see the Stonehenge Head Stones and Pyramids, so all these have been having correlation with the cosmos.'

And when our human physiology goes to these places at a particular time, that's very important, Dr Kumar said. At the time of particular astronomical conjunctions, an enlivenment takes place. 'And we have a very fascinating discovery, an insight brought by Maharishi, that the reverse also could be true. It's not only the cosmos influencing the earth, . . . the brain, our collective consciousness, our prayers, our meditation, our rituals, can influence the whole cosmos. . . .'

Dr Kumar said that India, or even our human brain, is a cosmic switchboard, from which you can operate the whole universe; this is a beautiful reality now. We have here a simple wave created by the Vedic Pandits, which can thrill the whole cosmos, and that is the basis of Brahmananda Saraswati Nagars [cities of Guru Dev** which are a key aspect of the administration of the Global Country of World Peace].

'It is really a beautiful vision unfolding itself,' Dr Kumar said. 'It's the science that follows the Vedas; modern science follows and is able to see what the Vedic Science has been telling eternally. So we have here the scientific validation for the consolidation of world peace through the Vedic Pandits' performance in India.'

Global Good News will feature Part II of Dr Satish Kumar's talk on 30 November.

* Bharat is the ancient name of India; Maharishi translates Veda Bhumi Bharat as 'India, the Land of the Veda'.

** Maharishi's Master, Shri Guru Dev, His Divinity Brahmanand Saraswati, Jagatguru Shankaracharya of Jyotir Math, Himalayas

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