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Akshaya Tritiya message of Maharaja Nader Raam

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21 April 2007

On 20 April 2007—the Day of Lasting Achievements, Akshaya Tritiya in the Vedic Calendar—Maharaja Nader Raam, ruler of the Global Country of World Peace, brought out a message of great subtlety and delicacy on the everlasting 'One Reality' of life—and the bridging of the gap between the Absolute and relative in daily life.

'The one reality which by itself, within itself, is unboundedly, infinitely everlasting, is the pure Being, the Self of everything and everyone,' explained Maharaja Nader Raam. The experience of this reality and the identification of the outer aspects of life with this reality have been given to us as a gift from Guru Dev* to Maharishi, and from Maharishi to the whole world. 'That is the one thing that is everlasting.'

Everything else is a field of change, yet Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, in his profound understanding and living of Unity Consciousness, the apparently ephemeral can now be seen, experienced, and lived on an immortal level of invincibility. 'How is it possible, this phenomenon, this magic, this science?' asked Maharaja Nader Raam.

'In Maharishi's cosmic vision of Unity', he explained, 'there is no difference between the Absolute and the relative.' From the perspective of the intellect, we see a difference, and sometimes we call it a mistake of the intellect, 'but we know it exists, because we transcend, we come back to a Pure Being state. Then we open the eyes and see changing fields of life. In the state of Unity, the change is seen as Being itself....

'How can this relative aspect of life also have that character of everlasting? How can it be eternal? How can it be immortal and invincible?' This is Maharishi's gift to the world, that the reality which science has now understood in terms of the Unified Field of Natural Law, expresses itself in the objective field of life, and can be seen and examined by human consciousness, and can be appreciated also on different levels of their existence. That is where the key element resides.

'How is the relative appreciated, experienced? How is the relative managed?' Maharaja Raam asked. 'On one level it is seen as separate ... cut off from its source, and there come all the elements of fear, problems, of suffering, the highlighting of change as the reality of life, and the forgetting of non-change as non-existent.

The first everlasting achievement for this world on the cosmic level, on the global level, is Maharishi's gift to first know and experience that there is something everlasting. That there is something that is absolute, unbounded, and pure and immortal. Transcending.

It took Maharishi several years to make so many people enlightened, and knowers of that Reality. Having established that, Maharishi took it to the surface level, because the surface is also a reality that the world is living, and that has also to be glorified and understood in its essential nature as being also the Absolute. Therefore Maharishi has bridged the two, and has shown us how the Absolute becomes the relative in a very systematic and scientific way how the Absolute is understood in modern science, in terms of the laws of the Unified Field and how they interact, and how they become the universe.

'What are these infinite, unseen dynamics?' Maharaja Raam asked. This is the Veda, the Constitution of the Universe, which, through sound, through vibration, becomes manifest and becomes the universe. 'This is the link that allows us to see how we can live in a physical changing, apparently ephemeral world, to live immortality and infinity....

'The unbounded, pure, silent Being which is unmanifest, becomes manifest. Becoming manifest it doesn't lose its dignity. It doesn't lose its immortality. It doesn't lose its infinity. So why do we go on believing that it does?' he asked. 'That is the mistake of the intellect... that allows what is non-real to be experienced as real.

'In order for this to happen, there is so much to reconstruct', because in the outside world, people's living habits, ways of construction, of dealing with each other, and managing their lives, 'have been for so long overshadowed by that separation and isolation on the surface level of life. The first thing,' said Maharaja Nader Raam, 'is to go back to the Self. Transcend....

'For the world on the surface to be infinite, unbounded, and immortal, it is very simple. It has to be modeled on the infinite, unbounded, immortal reality. There is only one slight difference. One is unmanifest, one is manifest. If the manifest looks like the unmanifest, it looks like the unmanifest in all its levels'. It looks like the unmanifest in its immortality, in its invincibility, in its bliss. It looks like the unmanifest in every possible way that can keep it immortal, yet within change.

Immortality within change. Invincibility within change. For that, it must resemble the value of pure Being. 'What is that reality it has to resemble?' asked Maharaja Raam. 'Because when it is unmanifest, silent, pure Being, it doesn't resemble anything. It is flat. Yet, is has within it the unexpressed silent dynamism, which is the Veda. The Veda is the laws of nature. In the unmanifest field of life, they are unmanifest, yet they control everything anywhere in the universe'.

'You don't see them, but you see the effects of their reality. The Veda is also like that. Present, because it is the laws of nature. Therefore, Maharishi brought to light that connection.... If your relative life is in the image of the Absolute, it is in the image of Veda—it is in the image of Natural Law, then that unbounded infinity which is also immortal, invincible, can be lived on the surface level, even though there is change'.

'Change is happening all the time in accordance with Natural Law.' Maharaja Nader Raam said that the beauty of change is that it gives that sense of 'always newness', as expressed in the Veda—Navo navo bhavati jayamano—always created new, always growing and emerging and evolving. So change is no longer something negative, mortal, or ephemeral, but becomes the experience of waves and waves of infinity in the relative.

'Reconstruct the world,' Maharaja Nader Raam said, 'live life in accordance with Natural Law, educate the children to know that, and live that in every field .... and show how we can, on the level of the surface of life, live infinity'.

Even those who have not yet experienced pure Being in themselves, can start on the surface level, knowing and experiencing that field of reality, and naturally, gradually aligning, waking up and opening their eyes, come to know the importance of transcending.

This is the most complete everlasting achievement, and gift to the world, 'the Absolute experienced and lived on the surface level of daily living'.

This gift gives full Absolute and full relative, full silence and full dynamism, and gives the relationship between them. That opens the awareness to what Totality truly is. Maharishi makes a distinction, Maharaja Nader Raam said—'a shade of difference from Unity, to call it Brahman Consciousness, where we know the two, we know the relationship between the two, and we can see that ever-experienced and lived on all levels of life'. That is the Will of God, he said, and the Will of God means the Laws of Nature. 'That is why Maharishi's work is Divine work, Maharishi's gift, a Divine gift.'

*Maharaja Nader Raam was referring to Maharishi's Master, Shri Guru Dev, His Divinity Brahmanand Saraswati, Jagadguru Shankaracharya of Jyotir Math, Himalayas.

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