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Celebration of Akshaya Tritiya: Day of Lasting Achievements in the Vedic Calendar

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30 April 2006

Today, on Akshaya Tritiya, the Day of Lasting Achievements in the Vedic Calendar, His Holiness Maharishi addressed the world family and said:

'We are very, very fortunate today, to have this day of the Vedic Calendar, declared to be the Day of Stability. Today is the day for us to make resolution, because today's resolution is to offer stability of that resolution. Today is Akshaya Tritiya, the day in the Vedic Calendar where the whole consciousness of the Land of the Veda, India, the land of Total Knowledge, the land of the Constitution of the Universe makes resolve.

'Today is the day for us to resolve that the great wisdom of life which is in the Indian continent is one pointedly dedicated to the door of Badrinath, to the door of the Constitution of the Universe, to the door of the Administrator of the Universe. Where? In the deep Himalayas, in the state of perfect silence, the abode of extreme dynamism of eternal silence of Shiva in the form and characteristic quality of Lord Vishnu, the Ruler of the Universe, the upholder of the Constitution of the Universe. All the eyes and hearts completely focused on Badrinath, today is the day of opening the door of Badrinath, deep in the Himalayas.

'Our Akshaya Tritiya resolution of today is a resolution which has been year after year the same, and now today we find ourselves to be really in the warmth of that direction, focused on the day when the door of fulfilment, the door of the Constitution of the Universe, the door of the administration of the Lord of the Universe, is available to us.

'As always, our life has been through the door of that supreme wisdom of life, Guru Dev, embodiment of the supreme wisdom of life. Same thing we are actualizing today, having been purified by the showers of the Vedic Rashtriya Geet, the national cosmic song of the administration of the universe, the Vedic Anthem. Having purified ourselves and in the mood of opening our eyes to the extreme value of the abode of Lord Vishnu in Badrinath, where the door is open today for us to make any resolution and the time will honour the resolution, we are blessed for years in our life, to have been through this tunnel of wisdom, extreme value of Total Knowledge in perfect silence, and reviving it time after time, according to the Vedic Calendar.

'We are very fortunate today in the midst of our journey to perfection. We are almost at the goal, and our resolution today is to have Capitals of the Global Constitution of Maharaja Raam, in order that Ram Raj Dukh Kahun Avyapa—in the Kingdom of Ram, in the reign of Ram, suffering belonged to no one. And that is our resolution.

'We are almost creating in the world administrative capitals of perfect order in which waves of bliss prevail and nothing other than the continuous waves of bliss and waves of bliss. Life in the waves of bliss, that is the administrative centre which we are committed to establish, and we are on the way to establishing it.

'Let us have that blessed day again today. We offer our services to Guru Dev, Puja to Guru Dev in every way, and thereby make a resolution. There is nothing new in this resolution. We have welcomed Sat-Yuga, for the last one, two months, we have been establishing administrative Capitals of Raam Raj in our world family. So today again we are motivated by this force of the Constitution of the Universe, that this is one day for fulfilment of our resolution.

'Our first resolution is our total surrender, our total being on the ground of Being of the Tradition of Vedic Masters, with all our Ministers, Rajas in the world, and with all those who have been in their private homes morning and evening basking in the sunshine of perfect knowledge, with all those all together, we now perform our symbolic dedication to the holy feet of Guru Dev.

'We'll do the Puja, and then professionally bound, our Finance Minister will make a resolution from his official capacity as Minister of Finance and Planning, our Prime Minister, he is doing the same thing in America, our Ministers here, there, everywhere are doing the same thing. And we are doing the same thing here.

'After Puja to Guru Dev, we offer our dedication and our services to Guru Dev, official declaration of our resolution that the Finance Minister will proclaim, and there have been wishes coming on from all over the world about today. The Prime Minister will read an example of these and make everyone in our Movement, everyone in our world, a part and parcel of that resolution which will enable him to bask in the sunshine of perfection of knowledge and administration to promote and to enjoy the waves of bliss in every aspect of administration, in every aspect of our lives, inside and outside. So it is a great joy for us to do the Puja to Guru Dev.'

Following Puja to Guru Dev, His Excellency Dr Benjamin Feldman, Minister of Finance and Planning of Maharishi's Global Country of World Peace, then read the solemn and pious resolution to fulfil all the aspirations for the wise throughout the ages, for the light of Total Knowledge, the Light of God, to be awakened in the life of everyone on earth, and for every nation in our dear world family; for the establishment of higher education for higher consciousness; for a disease-free healthy society; for invincible sovereign nations; for Natural Law upholding national law; for unlimited prosperity through infinite creativity; for every nation to have a permanent force for evolution; for Peace Palaces in every country to guide individuals everywhere to lead life in health, happiness, and fulfilment; for large permanent groups of Vedic Pandits in India to speedily raise the level of Sattwa (coherence) in the world; for the performance of Rudra Abishek Yagya daily for each nation; and for Total Knowledge-based disciplines available everywhere.

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