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The Washington Post: Summary of recent articles on Maharishi's programmes
by US Peace Government Media Team

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15 July 2005

The Washington Post coverage of Maharishi's programmes during the past 30 months

A little over three years ago, Maharishi held his first of more than 160 weekly global news conferences live via satellite broadcast and Internet webcast. Since then, Maharishi has answered hundreds and hundreds of questions from the world press on a broad range of subjects, from health and education, to defence and world peace, to Yoga and Yagyas. The impact of Maharishi's global news conferences has been profound—with more in-depth, positive, and serious-minded press coverage on all aspects of Maharishi's knowledge and programmes in the last three years than ever in the 50-year history of Maharishi's movement.

To get a sense of this unprecedented news coverage, let's look at a single paper: The Washington Post, the principal newspaper for the capital city of America, and a standard-bearer for the whole world. Since Maharishi began giving press conferences, The Washington Post has published 14 major articles on Maharishi's programmes. Here are just a few. . .

The article—Yogic Flying for World Peace—appeared on the FRONT page of the Style section just a few months after Maharishi began his weekly global news conferences. The article featured Maharishi's Yogic Flying technique as well as his plan to fund World Peace through Bonds.

On 4 April 2004, the story—Meditation May Help Teens Cut Their Pressure—appeared in the Science section and featured new research findings which showed that Transcendental Meditation is the only non-pharmacological approach for reducing high blood pressure. The study was published in the prestigious American Journal of Hypertension.

On 9 August 2004, a major, half-page story—Iowa Town Booms on Eastern WaysMeditation, Business Draw Residents—appeared on page 2 of the main News section, and featured Maharishi Vedic City, the world's first city built according to Maharishi Vedic Architecture. The story included coverage of all aspects of Maharishi Vedic City and the surrounding area, including its successful business entrepreneurs, Maharishi Vedic Architecture, Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture, and Maharishi University of Management.

Then, on 6 November 2004, just three months later, another major story appeared in The Washington Post—Transcending The Usual Courses—this time on the growing use of Maharishi's Consciousness-Based Education in US schools. This Post education story extended onto a second page, which included a large photo of Maharishi School students in Fairfield, Iowa, practising Transcendental Meditation.

On 15 February 2005, a second major health article—Meditation That Aims to Relieve Stress May Benefit Blacks—appeared in the Science section—another study showing Transcendental Meditation reduces high blood pressure, and reduces the use of antihypertensive medication. The study was published in the American Journal of Hypertension.

On 3 March 2005, the article—More Area Firms Paying Employees to Relax—appeared in the Business section of The Washington Post, and showcased the widespread use of Transcendental Meditation at the Tower Companies, one of Washington's most respected commercial development companies, as well as in other companies throughout the US.

On 3 May 2005, there was ANOTHER article in the Science section of the Post on the health benefits of Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation—Transcendental Meditation Improves Life Expectancy. This article showcased another major study published in the prestigious American Journal of Cardiology which showed that Transcendental Meditation dramatically extends lifespan.

On 20 June 2005, last month, there was a major story—Tower II Planned with Maharishi in Mind—Developer Aims to Build Healthful Workplace. This appeared on the FRONT PAGE of the Business section of the Washington Post. The article announced the plans by the Tower Companies to build Tower II—a 200,000 sq ft, $72 million world-class office building designed according to Maharishi Vedic Architecture. This article continued onto a second page and included a photo of Jeffrey Abramson, Partner of Tower Companies, and the driving force behind the development of the Vedic Tower II office building.

Then last week, on 7 July 2005, just 17 days later, a larger, even more complete article on Maharishi Vedic Architecture appeared on the FRONT PAGE of the Home section—Mind over Mortar—Proponents of Vedic Design Believe That Our Homes Can Determine Our Health. What Does Science Have to Say? This article reported on the deep principles and practical technologies of Maharishi Vedic Architecture, and presented Vedic Architecture as the cutting edge of a new trend in healthy and sustainable architectural design in America. This article continued onto a second page, and included a photograph of the beautiful Brahmasthan, the silent center of every Vedic building.

Here are a few excerpts from this remarkable article—the 14th article to appear in the Washington Post in the last few months!

'Architecture can move us to tears with its beauty, astound us with its majesty, warm us with its coziness or alienate us with its coldness. But can it actually make us ill, or heal our sickness? Can it make us smarter or more successful? Can it boost our energy, or sap us of same?

Architect Jonathan Lipman answers yes, firmly and unhesitatingly, to all of the above. Lipman, chief architect of the Iowa-based Maharishi Global Construction, stood before a crowd of nearly 160 people at the National Building Museum last month and argued for treating our homes as conduits of cosmic energy.

The evening program, called 'A Lecture on Vedic Architecture: A Holistic Approach to Sustainability', was devoted to the idea that a system of immutable principles, which Lipman refers to as 'natural law', guides all human activity—including the design and construction of buildings—toward alignment with an overarching universal intelligence. When people live in accordance with natural law, they are healthy, happy and at peace. But when they defy it, they must endure the spectrum of human suffering: anxiety, misfortune, sickness and violence.'

Maharishi has said that the Press is the mirror of the collective consciousness of the people. So the fact that The Washington Post, along with other national and global news outlets, is reporting such profound and comprehensive coverage of Maharishi's knowledge shows the deepening appreciation of Maharishi's knowledge in America and around the world.

It is, therefore, just a matter of time before all of the proven programmes of Maharishi's Vedic Science are fully implemented throughout society—ushering in a new era of peace, positivity, and prosperity for mankind.

We congratulate the press for doing what Maharishi has asked in bringing his message to the people and to governments—and we urge them to do more.

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