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‘Global Good News is inspiring, topical and provides alternative vistas of insights and solutions to the very pressing and age-old challenges facing our world. It captures positive and negative trends in our world that signal critical signs of phase transitions. At the same time it provides the linkages to fresh perspectives and the newly revived technologies of Maharishi’s yet so extremely practical. It’s programs uplift the quality of life everywhere for everyone. Such a powerful vision, such all-encompassing breadth and such depth is enabled by a dedicated portal. Global Good News is just that.
With best wishes,’
—Professor Dr. Mohan Raj Gurubatham, HELP International University College, Asia Pacific - USA

‘Congratulations on the beautiful and very precise presentation of scientific research on Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi Programme on the Global Good News website. It is a great resource for the whole world, and I am very happy to assist you in keeping it updated.
With very best wishes,’

—Raja Dr Michael Dillbeck,
Raja of the Global Country of World Peace for France and Latvia

‘Global Good News is one of the great pillars of Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation Movement to dispel Kali Yuga—the age of ignorance—and herald the descent of Heaven on Earth. We appreciate so much all you do to maintain such perfection of the message and make it available to the whole world.’
—Raja Dr Peter Warburton, Raja of the Global Country of World Peace
for Great Britain and Bulgaria

‘Global Good News has long been my favourite website. Positive Trends are inspiring and provide a much needed counterbalance to the world events one hears through other media. The accomplishments from Maharishi’s programmes under Successes are bang-up-to-date and seem to be accelerating! The world is becoming better, and quickly. I recommend everyone to visit this website regularly or make it their browser’s Home Page, because I want them to know things are much, much better than they think! It gives one something to smile about every day.’
—Charles Cunningham, magazine editor, England

‘I am deeply impressed by the site you are creating. There is so much that has been added to it over the past year. It has quickly become my portal of choice into the news of our movement activities and knowledge from Maharishi. You have revealed the power of Maharishi's intent in inspiring the creation of the website and setting in place a process for identifying in detail the positive trends of time as Heaven on Earth dawns on earth.

Thank you for the great work you are doing.’

—Dr Alex Green, Recertified Governor (Teacher of the Transcendental Meditation Programme), USA

‘First and foremost, I/ we (everyone I talk to that knows the site) in South Africa, absolutely LOVE Global Good News. It’s completely brilliant. It is very well maintained, beautifully designed, and updated daily.

 Congratulations for all the awesome work you do!  I read it virtually every day, and wherever I am in the world, if traveling.

It's so fulfilling to finally have a news source that focuses on what is good, getting better, and going to be perpetually best, about our beautiful world family.  We are one world family, and as our underlying unity rises, we hope to see only good and better news being recorded in the media worldwide.

So, keep it up, please also keep giving us as much news of Maharishi's activities worldwide in the Success pages as possible, as well as the Global Good News Index tracking the transformation of life on earth for the better.’

—Dr Taddy Blecher, South Africa , co-founder CIDA City Campus

‘Global Good News has put much careful and sophisticated time and thought into developing its site over the past few years and it is something special to behold and very practically useful as well. The site is quite user friendly, the design and colors uniquely and powerfully delightful and satisfying - check the weekly press broadcast page for an example of fantastic design. Truly inspired and absolutely  heavenly-on-earthly - a great example to follow for design in harmony with Natural Law.

An important value of Global Good News site is that it has been thoroughly thought out as a holistic and enjoyable home, one-stop-shop, not only for positive world news and its direction, but also for all the main activities and themes going on in Maharishi's world-wide Movement and the Global Country of World Peace. It is a rich, concise, panoply of valuable and information in a gorgeous setting that enhances its content.

I was impressed with every page - nothing has been left out. Particularly impressive, interesting, and unique to me were the News by Country and the Ideal Society Index pages. The list of global Movement links was the most thorough and well-organized I've seen. A great deal of devotion, skill, and professional focus has gone into this site and it invites a regular visit by anyone and everyone.

The arrival now of a genuinely and distinctly better time for our planet is not only Maharishi's vision and knowledge, or something desired and predicted by saints and seers for centuries. Maharishi's proclamation is supported by many long-term sociological trends (10-10,000 years long) carefully researched by independent and objective scholars. It is as though mankind is growing up, just like a child, maturing, and currently at the end of its adolescence after millennia of a happy childhood remembered in ancient literature, followed by a few millennia of adolescence, now growing into a maturity, celebration and success that does not need to end.

I feel that future statistical research will show, even more than it does now, that it has been the programs of the Global Country of World Peace that have been the most significant causes of this transformation.  Along with Maharishi Channel, Global Good News is the world leader in seeing, recognizing and delineating this natural process, showing statistically it is real and scientifically practical, letting the world know about it, and in doing so, helping this divine and balancing process immeasurably.’
—Dr Einar Olson, Recertified Governor (Teacher of Transcendental Programme), USA

‘I enjoy the GGN website a lot. I always come back to it from time to time. It is interesting, uplifting, and promoting coherent brain waves. I enjoy the Album section. It is so sweet to be connecting to the Heaven on Earth in the whole world. Congratulations for the great job!’
—GS, Taiwan

‘First, a big thank you for creating Global Good News. I have the Success Story page set as my home page, and frequently download transcripts, check out the Vedic Calendar, etc. But today I took time and looked at the site in depth. I navigated down the sidebar topics, through each one of the pages, and it was pure bliss. Global Good News deserves an enormous congratulations for creating something so beautiful, uplifting, comprehensive, and filled with knowledge.

‘What I love about your website is all the uplifting colours and designs. And I like to find out what Maharishi is saying—quickly after it happens. Global Good News is very timely. Whatever is new around the world is reported so quickly, so nicely.’
—PK, Thailand

‘I enjoy everything about your website. The graphics are attractive and artistic without being distracting. The links given seem to cover everything I would want to know about a topic, making me experience Totality and fulfillment the entire time I browse the site!’

‘Most news websites are full of a lot of sensational bad news, which seems to spread fear and make things worse. What a relief to visit a responsible uplifting website like Global Good News, which focuses on and promotes the good things happening in the world. I applaud your unique efforts to promote positive news, knowledge, and programs to create a better world.’

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