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A new perspective on global investing: Managing global risk through coherent collective consciousness - Part II
by Dr John Konhaus

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30 August 2007

Creating a world free from poverty through Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture and the Maharishi Poverty Removal Program

Maharishi Poverty Removal Program: Coherence, creativity, vital food, and economic balance
On the basis of the understanding in Part I of this article, Maharishi and the administrators of the Global Financial Capital of New York are presenting a proposal for revitalizing the world's food supply while simultaneously removing poverty and balancing the stress and negativity in world consciousness. This goal can be quickly achieved through a Global Poverty Removal Program—a financially profitable, secure, and risk-reducing venture.

By now, it is well established that poverty is the breeding ground for many of the tensions and fears that contribute to the current imbalances in our world. More than 80% of the world's wealth is in the hands of less than 20% of its people. The combined wealth of the world's three richest billionaires is greater than the total income of the 48 poorest nations. This means that in the hands of a relatively few individuals, the necessary finances already exist to achieve the goals of Maharishi's poverty removal program. These finances are, by and large, in the hands of those individuals who know how to achieve success. What has been missing until now is a program to inspire and engage these successful people to raise the well being of the world as a whole.

Maharishi's Poverty Removal Program is the solution to that challenge. Simply stated, the goals of the Maharishi's Poverty Removal Program are as follows:

• Develop a significant part of the nearly two billion hectares of unused or underused arable lands with agricultural potential, using the wealth of the earth to create wealth for mankind. Poverty can only be removed by the creation of new wealth, not by redistributing existing wealth.

• Eradicate poverty in all its forms—mental, physical, and spiritual—from the very start of the program. From the very beginning, the program provides the farmers techniques of personal development for their creativity and the necessary Vedic Organic farming skills to develop their lands. Along with this training, they will be provided with Natural Law-based housing, education, health care, and salaries at least double their present income.

• Create a unique quality of Vedic Organic food—nectar food—or Amrit bhojan in Sanskrit, that is the most vital and nourishing food available in the world today—food that can thus command prices in the market that are three times the cost of chemically grown, life damaging food.

• Guide farmers to produce export-oriented products for maximum profit. Market the fresh food to the developed nations, where such growing conditions and purity of food are not available. This will provide the needed hard currency to the developing nations and thus balance the world economy.

• Reduce the working hours of the farmers, giving them more time for recreation, spiritual and cultural pursuits according to their heritage. Mothers would remain at home with the children, thus establishing a strong center for family life.

• Make the programs financially self-sufficient, like Nature itself, by stimulating their startup and growth through the Raam Development Currency, an alternative currency of the Global Country of World Peace.

• Establish Maharishi Colleges of Vedic Economy and Maharishi Colleges of Vedic Agriculture to educate poor farmers to increase their productivity, so that they earn more while working fewer hours a day.

Benefits of the Maharishi Poverty Removal Program
There are many global benefits that derive from the Maharishi Poverty Removal Program and many cogent reasons why this program can increase world prosperity and reduce risk for wealthy investors.

• First and fundamentally the projects reduce risk globally by reducing the factors that create financial risk and loss. This is accomplished both through coherence-creating groups of farmers and their families practicing Maharishi Technologies of Consciousness in large groups, and through vitally needed economic balance, the lack of which is the major destabilizing force in every nation's efforts to create peace and prosperity.

• Secondly, the worldwide organic agriculture program will create pure vital food, bringing not only economic vitality, but human vitality and health as well. Health is the key factor in any man's happiness, well being, and success. Current methods of chemical and industrial farming not only deplete soils (and thus the foods) of nutrients and vitality, but also severely pollute and even poison the overall environment. This destroys both human and environmental health. Maharishi's Poverty Removal Program, using organic farming methods, will allow nations to maximize economic gain from natural resources in a safe and life supporting manner.

• Thirdly, Maharishi's Poverty Removal Program through Vedic Organic Agriculture will support local energy economies by growing bio-fuel crops on large portions of the unused land, creating energy self-sufficiency in any nation that participates. This will alter the poor nations' economic imbalance and create national prosperity and progress. And because it is the unused land that is being developed, there will be no losses in the food supply.

• Fourthly, the program will create environmental balance. Environmental care can eliminate billions of dollars of loss from ill health attributed to the pollution of our air and water, and toxicity in our food and drinking water supply. Currently more than 6% of China's GDP is spent to treat health complications from air pollution. From a deep level of Nature's functioning, environmental balance can also moderate the natural destructive force in Nature, and thus reduce or eliminate the growing number of natural disasters that have the potential to completely disrupt economic success of individuals, companies, and nations. Every business in the world would thus benefit from this balance.

• Finally, and most significantly, the project will generate billions of dollars in profit from the sale of organic food, fiber, and fuel crops. This profit will benefit local farmers and international investors together, and restore the dangerous imbalances in the world's economy. Maharishi's program for reclaiming the unused land for organic agriculture, using existing technologies for converting vegetable oils to usable and efficient fuels, can make participating nations food and fuel self-sufficient, and create a growing economic prosperity from export related production.

The investment community—The need to adopt a new perspective on profit and risk
Some members of the investment community have responded to the Global Financial Capital's request for billions of dollars for the Maharishi's Poverty Removal Program by saying that it is out of proportion with the kinds of investments that financial sources normally consider in the agriculture or poverty removal sector. But seen from a higher perspective, and from the potential ability of the program to manage global risk, it is not out of proportion. It is, in fact, the most pressing need of our time. It is also the best and most profitable use of funds.

The Global Financial Capital of New York is raising these funds for a life supporting, economically balancing project for the benefit of world health and security. At this time in history, the economic benefits of world peace and security are the single most important investment that any investor could make. History has proven that the upheavals that markets and societies experience can neither be anticipated nor managed, once in full force. Neither the politicians nor the economists have the answer to managing the growing forces of globalization.

The mere analysis of risk, as it exists in today's markets, is powerless to eliminate the prime and fundamental causes of financial risk. This is the critical uniqueness of Maharishi's approach, and this is what makes these programs significant programs for wealth generation and maintenance. The programs have the ability to develop human and natural resources to an unprecedented level and to simultaneously reduce the risk associated with these programs.

Financial institutions routinely pour billions of dollars into companies and industries that aggravate the balance in world consciousness and the natural environment by supporting destructive tendencies. They do this generally without hesitancy, feeling that they understand and can manage the risks involved, assuming their mathematical models are competent to protect them. Current headlines speak to the dangerous incompetence of this assumption. Investors have not been dealing with risk on a global scale, from the perspective of the stress and tension growing in society, and from the need to balance this force with the force of positivity and peace.

Small, localized risks are considered without taking into account the critical, underlying global risks. Precious national resources are continually flowing from the government, corporate and individual sources in the USA and many other nations into chronically useless 'peace keeping' efforts around the world. It is history repeating itself, over and over again. If this sad cycle of violence and fruitless 'after the fact' efforts to contain violence is to ever end, some new knowledge is needed. 'Only a new seed will yield a new crop.'

Having in hand this in-depth and scientifically verified understanding of the relationship between collective consciousness and social trends, why should the counter balancing activity—the Global Financial Capital's plan to invest in peace, balance and prosperity—raise so many objections? Indeed the fact that the widespread financial support of destructive trends raises so few investment objections highlights the strength that these destructive tendencies have in our society.

In the light of the well planned and executed 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York, it is all too easy to imagine the havoc that one nuclear equipped terrorist group could create. The ensuing chaos could cripple the economic system. Everyone could lose a significant amount of his or her wealth. Terrorists need only fear as their weapon. Fear is the most powerful of all the destructive forces. Indeed this fear of terrorism is already taking a significant toll on the well being of the wealthy. The money that they are spending in the vain hope of somehow protecting themselves, their companies, and their families has only created the illusion of protection, without the actual substance of terrorism prevention. Given the vastly powerful technologies of destruction, no one, however wealthy, can run away and hide from this global threat.

Abraham Lincoln was speaking to our time when he said, 'There is no permanent way to destroy your enemies other than making them your friends.' It is essential to avert the danger before it arises. With regard to terrorism and war, only a preventative approach has any hope of working. Military might has proven itself incapable of ever creating peace. It creates only the opposite of peace.

It is thus the strength of the negative tendencies in individuals and in nations that must be the first and foremost consideration when the real controllers of world economics consider risk and make decisions as to where funds should flow to create prosperity. The Global Financial Capital's program of creating economic balance through large scale organic agriculture projects, along with the coherence created in the society from the creating coherence groups on the farms, will re-establish balance in the world consciousness and thus check the destructive forces at their source.

A new parental role for investors
By creating economic prosperity and environmental balance, this new project of global organic agriculture represents a quantum leap forward in the concept of socially responsible investing. Currently, Maharishi says, investment risk is a continual source of fear, doubt, and uncertainty in the lives of the wealthy. Investors are continually worried about the status of their investments, and their lives are spent in this debilitating fear and doubt. Every day is a day of concern over financial markets, gain and loss, and fear of economic trends. This makes the overall theme of a wealthy person's life one of continual fear and doubt.

Maharishi proposes an entirely new approach to investments, an approach based on reducing risks and on creating a genuine parental role for the investor. It is like a father's relationship to his son. Investments should inspire confidence, and support the growth of well being in those who are using the funds. Investors should lend their money, offer guidance to the business that borrowed, and provide the benefit of their experience. Investing should be a supportive, parental relationship, rather than a risk and fear-based relationship. This is a kinder, gentler form of global capitalism.

Investors would share the responsibility for success, and would offer additional help in times of need. This would allow a continued nourishing and revitalizing effect for both the investor and the project, and would allow investors to help create the success that they so much desire. Instead of doubting, worrying, and analyzing risk, investors would be helping, creating, and nourishing success.

This parental element to investing is a key and necessary factor in all the Global Financial Capital projects. It will take some patience, like raising children takes patience, but the rewards will be equally fulfilling. The potential for profits based on this development approach will far exceed the risk adverse approach. This global approach will bring into the financial picture two to three billion wealth-generating individuals, with the full creativity and intelligence of Total Natural Law behind them. This will bring the joy and assured success back into investing.

Seen in this light, the Global Financial Capital's Global Organic Project is the most risk free and socially responsible investment available anywhere. It is an investment that reduces global risk and taps human and natural resources on an unprecedented scale. It is thus an investment that the financiers cannot afford to miss.

It is the wealthy that have the most to lose when the destructive forces gain dominance, not the poor. It is the wealthy who suffer when a terrorist attack or war shakes the financial markets, or a natural disaster like a hurricane or earthquake strikes. The financial markets in general and the insurance industry in particular can attempt to spread the risk around, but as the frequency of these disasters, both manmade and natural, increase, which they surely will as the stress in collective consciousness builds, the profitability of financial agencies will increasingly suffer.

Compared to the trillions that could be lost in a major collapse of the system, a few billion dollars invested in a world-transforming project should be the first priority for all the financial institutions. Therefore all serious thinkers and actors in the financial world should try to deeply understand the offer that Maharishi and the Global Financial Capital are making to create financial balance, coherence, and peace in the world, and determine how to collectively implement and support it.

Investors are invited to contact the author at the Global Financial Capital of New York for details on project plans and investment opportunities in the field of Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture.

Global Financial Capital of New York,
70 Broad Street, New York, NY 10004 USA

Copyright © 2007 Global Financial Capital of New York

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