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Day 5: Celebrating the Dawn of a New Fortune for All Mankind

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1 December 2005

Thursday, 1 December, 2:00 to 4:30 p.m. Central Europe Time, the Global Country of World Peace will celebrate the Inauguration of a Worldwide Poverty-Removal Programme—announcing the establishment of a new Global Development Currency, the Raam, to create inexhaustible wealth and self-sufficiency; establishing Maharishi Colleges of Vedic Economy and Maharishi Colleges of Vedic Agriculture in every country.

On the basis of our knowledge of world economy, we have designed a new approach for removing poverty through the Raam Global Development Currency.

The Raam currency will provide the means to start the many productive projects that would otherwise not start for lack of money in the national government treasuries.

Through its lawmaking authority, the government can make any law. This means the government can issue the Raam as a complementary currency to the national currency, and use it for the start-up costs of developing uncultivated lands with agricultural potential, for profitable export of organic foods, without any requirement of investment from the national treasury.

The Raam will circulate only until the project begins to earn export income in foreign currency; and then it can be withdrawn. Consequently, it will not promote any sense of inflation in the country.

Eradicating poverty without having to deplete the national treasury

This whole concept of eradicating poverty without using any national currency has a great intellectual appeal; it will be demonstrated practically during the first three years of the project.

The land is there with its fertility; the people are there with their intelligence and creativity; the intention of the government is there to eradicate poverty; and expertise is there with us to fulfil the intention of the government without using the financial resources of the government, and without exposing the government treasury to the pressure and obligation of foreign currency loans.

Principles upon which the Poverty-Removal Programme is based

1. Start the programme by first eradicating poverty: From the very beginning of the programme, give good housing to the poor and raise their income to at least double their present income.

2. Reduce the working hours of the poor, giving them more time for spiritual or religious pursuits according to their cultural heritage.

3. Establish Maharishi Colleges of Vedic Economy and Maharishi Colleges of Vedic Agriculture to educate the poor to increase their productivity, so that they earn more while working fewer hours a day; and guide them to produce export-oriented products for maximum profit.

Outline of Policy Presented by the Minister of Finance and Planning of the Global Country of World Peace


The auspicious celebration of a new fortune for all mankind has emerged from the knowledge of Total Natural Law available to us today—and it has given rise to a new approach to eradicate poverty and establish permanent peace in the world.

We are launching a worldwide poverty-removal programme of 10 trillion dollars that will create inexhaustible wealth and self-sufficiency in the economy of every nation.

There cannot be peace in a world where almost 1.5 billion people, out of 6.5 billion in the world, have an income of less than a dollar a day.

There are about two billion hectares of unused land with agricultural potential in 70 poor countries of the world alone. If this unused land is carefully developed, which is practical through our programme, it will be possible to take the poorest one-quarter population of the world out of dire poverty.

The start-up cost per hectare (at the rate of $5,000 per ha, including clearing, irrigation, etc.) will amount to a supremely divine figure of trillions—$10 trillion dollars. For the sake of simplicity of management we have divided the total project of developing organic agriculture in 2 bn ha in 68 countries into 2,000 units of one million ha throughout the world.

We invite the investors to make their choice of number of units. Financial institutions and leaders in the field of wealth from all countries are invited to participate according to their choice. Our concern will be to see that their investments are absolutely risk-free through insurance and re-insurance.

We will honour the policy laid out by the investors. They will decide the rate of interest and all aspects of their participation, because the project is going to definitely be a profitable project. All will have a share.

The future is poverty-removal programme through risk-free, profitable investments.

We are open to every currency, including our own new 'Global Development Currency—Raam'. We are determined to eliminate poverty and we are prepared to adopt every possible approach. Foreign currencies are naturally involved in the import-export aspects of the management of the project in every country, so every undertaking will be a 'multi-currency managed project'. In this way we see that our poverty-removal project belongs to everyone and will be a means of integrating our world family in spite of differences in currencies and many, many differences in our world family.


The life of the individual is on the basis of his state of consciousness. There are seven states of consciousness. Education in the world today caters only for waking state of consciousness. Therefore we have to organize for the development of higher states of consciousness which we have been promoting for the last 50 years—without having to organize finances separately.

Five billion people of the world will be self-sufficient to manage the expenses of extra knowledge of Veda to develop higher states of consciousness, the development of full cosmic potential of life. For this it is necessary to build universities, colleges, and schools; prevention-oriented health spas and hospitals everywhere; fortune-creating office buildings, shops, and hotels; as well as one billion fortune-creating homes, supported by total natural law-based Vedic Architecture. This part of the programme amounts to thirty trillion dollars, but even though we will be instrumental in organizing, it will be an automatic feature—because the unit of this development will be the family and the individual. This level of individual and family will not be poor class, which needs financial support from outside.

Statement issued by the Prime Minister of the Global Country of World Peace, Dr Bevan Morris, describing the details of the programme of the celebration.

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