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For Ugandan villagers, tradition and tourism help keep the peace with gorillas
5 December 2018 - Uganda is home to around half of the world's remaining mountain gorillas. Many indigenous groups in Uganda have traditional beliefs that encourage ape conservation. However, rapid population growth in the 20th century increasingly brought humans and gorillas into conflict. Today, conservation groups are working to harness traditional knowledge to protect apes, and to develop new techniques that allow humans and gorillas to peacefully coexist. (more)

Why Uganda is the 'world's fittest country'
15 September 2018 - Uganda is the most physically active nation in the world, according to a recent report by the World Health Organization. The BBC's Patience Atuhaire went to find out why. The study, tracking the level of physical activity around the world, found that only 5.5 per cent of Ugandans had an insufficient level of activity. Mozambique, Tanzania, Lesotho, and Togo too are also doing quite well. (more)

Non-invasive malaria test wins Africa engineering prize
24 June 2018 - Languishing with fever and frustrated by delays in diagnosing his illness, Brian Gitta came up with a bright idea: a malaria test that would not need blood samples or specialized laboratory technicians. That inspiration has won the 25-year-old Ugandan computer scientist a prestigious engineering prize for a non-invasive malaria test kit that he hopes will be widely used across Africa. For developing the reusable test kit known as Matibabu, Gitta this month was awarded the Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation. (more)

Armed with micro-grants and training, rural Ugandans tackle poverty
8 June 2018 - Uganda is one of the 30 poorest countries in the world, with 2017 government figures showing over one quarter of the population lives in poverty. To boost people's income, a project is helping rural Ugandans set up their own businesses by providing seed funding, training, and mentoring. (more)

Uganda: RUCID College for Organic Agriculture
9 March 2018 - RUCID ('Rural Community in Development') is a privately run College for Organic Agriculture in Mityana, Uganda. Directly funded by The Tudor Trust from the UK, this project created new dormitory space for 72 students as well as two additional classrooms and kitchens, organized into two villages. Existing teaching and accommodation buildings were refurbished as part of the project. (more)

Uganda's private sector activity expands in March - PMI
26 April 2017 - Private sector activity in Uganda expanded in March compared to the previous month, with companies reporting a boost in production and sales volumes, the inaugural results of a new survey index showed on Wednesday, 26 April. The Markit Stanbic Bank Uganda Purchasing Managers' Index (PMI) rose to 53.5 last month, up from 50.9 in February, the survey report said. Markit collected data for 10 months prior to launching the PMI. (more)

Enel Green Power gives renewable energy to new paediatric surgery hospital in Uganda
19 February 2017 - Enel Green Power (EGP) is participating in the project of Emergency [an NGO] and the architect Renzo Piano for the construction of a paediatric surgery hospital in Entebbe, Uganda, which is planned to be a model of paediatric excellence, environmental sustainability, and energy independence in Africa. EGP will provide 2,600 thin-film photovoltaic [solar] modules manufactured at its 3Sun factory in Catania (Italy), for a total of 289.24 kWp (kilowatt peak). The plant, which can be connected to the local medium voltage distribution grid, will give the new hospital energy autonomy and sustainability. The photovoltaic system will be installed on the roof of the hospital in such a way as to ensure its integration with the hospital's architecture, and it will also shelter the underlying structures from sunlight and rain. (more)

Uganda starts up first solar power plant in bid to tap renewables
12 December 2016 - Uganda on Monday [12 December] started up its first grid-connected, 10 megawatt solar power plant as the east African country moves to tap its renewable energy resources and expand its electricity generation capacity. The plant, a vast field of some 32,600 photovoltaic panels, is located in Soroti in northeastern Uganda . . . (more)

In Uganda, solar power plant amid African bush inspires hope
9 August 2016 - A solar plant is being constructed in Soroti, Uganda, about 300 kilometers east of the capital, Kampala. In this electricity-starved rural part of Uganda, men ride bicycles several kilometers (miles) to the nearest market town simply to charge their phones. That should change with the construction nearby of one of the largest solar plants in sub-Saharan Africa, where two-thirds of the population is without electricity. (more)

Life after Kony: How Uganda's women are rebuilding their lives
2 August 2016 - A women's group called Warocho Kwan Wwawa, which means 'renovate our lives' in Acholi is helping in Uganda. Set up by the UK-based charity Send a Cow, best known for its initiatives to help smallholder farmers through training, seeds, and livestock loans, the charity also employs members of the local community and social workers to help people in northern Uganda rehabilitate and reintegrate into everyday life. In addition to the money made from farming and supplying milk to the Gulu Women's Dairy Co-operative, Warocho Kwan Wwawa has contracts to make uniforms for two primary schools. (more)

Success of Maharishi's Programmes
Short Summaries of Top Stories

Transcendental Meditation empowers vulnerable women in Uganda - stories and research
23 July 2018 - When Nakelembe Brenda set out to help Ugandan women empower themselves by learning a skill, they often told her they were overwhelmed with stress, worry, fatigue, insomnia, depression, and ill health. After learning Transcendental Meditation, Brenda realized that she had to think of empowerment in a new way. 'Practising TM,' she said, 'helped me to stop wasting my time on worrying and to channel my energy into my work, to be more creative and recognize new opportunities.' Partnering with Judith Nassali, National Director of African Women and Girls Organization for Total Knowledge (AWAGO), Brenda arranged for a group of 60 women to start TM. Now over 600 mothers at UWOPED - and 300 of their children - have learned TM. The results have been impressive: Women who were too stressed and isolated to leave their homes are now running their own businesses, earning money to send their children to school, and 20 have become elected leaders in the women's councils of their communities. (more)

Uganda: Empowering women from within through Transcendental Meditation
23 May 2018 - Leslee Goldstein had a deep desire to do something fully worthy of her PhD in Vedic Science from Maharishi University of Management. In a collaboration with Brenda Nakalembe, director of United Women's Platform for Empowerment and Development (UWOPED), and Ugandan teachers of TM through the African Women and Girls Association for Total Knowledge (AWAGO), a group of impoverished mothers in Kampala learned the Transcendental Meditation technique in their native language, and participated in a research project to evaluate the results. 'They have huge resilience, huge endurance,' Dr Goldstein said. 'This is the lot they were given in life and somehow, when given the opportunity to do something, TM helped them to do something for themselves, by themselves. We call it empowerment from within.' (more)

Uganda: Transcendental Meditation featured at health education camp for women
11 May 2018 - The African Women and Girls Organization for Total Knowledge (AWAGO) recently gave presentations on Transcendental Meditation (TM) at a Health Education Camp for Women in Rukungiri, Uganda. The presentations were given at the invitation of the National Treasurer of the Uganda Nurses and Midwives Union. Activities included a 1-hour radio talk show about TM, and courses in which 32 women learned the TM technique. There were also health presentations and cancer screening, malaria testing and treatment, and health care for pregnant mothers. (more)

Africa: New research shows Transcendental Meditation empowers disadvantaged Ugandan mothers
22 April 2018 - A study published 18 April in Health Care for Women International shows how the Transcendental Meditation technique can empower women's lives, using measures of self-efficacy, perceived stress, and mental and physical quality of life. The practice was shown to help single, disadvantaged, illiterate mothers in Uganda deal with high levels of physical and psychological stress in their daily lives while improving their health, well-being, and ability to support themselves and their children. A top leader in the Uganda Ministry of Health said the findings are extremely important in showing how this simple meditation technique can provide a platform for impoverished mothers to help themselves. (more)

Uganda: African girls find school can bring happiness - not just passing grades
10 August 2017 - The Ideal Girls High School in eastern Uganda provides girls from poor, rural families with a quality secondary education that includes Transcendental Meditation, an effective programme to improve their learning ability and reduce stress. The school embraces the ideal that the foremost and ultimate goal of education should be to develop the student's full potential: to learn, to create, to think, to analyze, and to live a full and happy, healthy life. One girl says: 'When I meditate I feel my body having enough energy, my mind settles. I can do, I can achieve the desire to do important things.' Ninety-two per cent of the students pass the important O-level national exams in tenth grade - a remarkable accomplishment for an open-admissions school. The UN reports, 'Educating a girl changes her destiny, as well as those of her future children, and ensures that she can contribute to the economic life of her community.' (more)

Spotlight on the TM programme for women in Uganda
28 October 2016 - There have been recent leaps in progress for women and children in Uganda through the Transcendental Meditation programme. Based on the foundation of 650 women who learned TM through a training project at the United Women's Platform for Empowerment and Development (UWOPED), TM clubs for 280 of their children have now been established. In addition, the organization teaching Transcendental Meditation for women was invited to address the general assembly of the National Union of Nurses and Midwives about TM as a practical tool for building resiliency under stress and avoiding burnout. The assembly consisted of leading administrators from hospitals across the country. (more)

The transforming experiences of women in Uganda who learned Transcendental Meditation
9 August 2016 - Brenda Nakalembe, founder of Uganda's United Women's Platform for Empowerment and Development recognized the potential for the Transcendental Meditation technique to help fulfill her mission to empower women. More than 600 women and 200 children have learned TM through the program at UWOPED. At one beginning phase of TM training for 80 UWOPED mothers, Leslee Goldstein, who has many years experience in educational administration and teaching TM, was excited to conduct her PhD research through the Uganda TM women's organization and evaluate the benefits of the TM training. Leslee's daughter Alena added a video component to the project. 'When my mother asked me to be her assistant and document the research project with a short film, I knew I had to say ''yes,''' Alena said. On the project's second phase, filming and evaluating the women's group after three months of practicing TM, Alena said, 'Something that struck me the second trip, was how connected, open and friendly these women had become with each other.' Brenda Nakalembe added, '. . . mothers are experiencing greater emotional stability, less anger, clearer thinking, happiness, and well-being, and they are more motivated and engaged in taking care of themselves and their children. It is quite remarkable, and they report that their families are more harmonious and that they have less conflict with their neighbors.' (more)

The Maharishi Secondary School for Girls in Uganda
29 July 2016 - Maharishi Secondary School for Girls in Uganda was licensed to operate in 2009 and became fully accredited to Senior Four level just 14 months after opening. The school was again accredited to add Senior Five and Six in 2013. Education at the school is thought of as highly unique - the curriculum offers Consciousness-Based Education. Focused on the student gaining the knowledge rather than teaching, Consciousness-Based Education cultures the student on the level of consciousness as well as on the level of intellectual understanding. The result is that knowledge is gained from inside and outside the individual. When asked what TM had given her, one Ugandan student said, 'I feel free from stress and anxiety. I feel greater happiness, which has even spread to my family.' (more)

Growing up enlightened in a Uganda orphanage
16 February 2016 - 'This is a story repeated thousands of times by now in different schools and communities around the world,' writes Graham de Freitas, describing the transformation created in the lives of children and adults at an orphanage in Uganda after many learned Transcendental Meditation. 'This simple, systematic method of quieting the mind twice a day allowed each of them to begin to live with more calmness and balance.' The organization has provided food, shelter, education, and basic medical care to hundreds of orphaned children. 'As stresses and tensions have been released from peoples' lives, the whole community has begun to rise above its problems and to enjoy life more and more,' Dr de Freitas says. (more)

Bringing Smiles to the Faces of Women in Uganda
10 October 2014 - Helen Creighton writes in Transcendental Meditation for Women's blog, 'Severe poverty and conflict in developing countries is the norm for so many women--the challenges wrought by the impact of stress are extremely apparent and have a damaging ripple effect on every aspect of their lives. I had sometimes wondered what effect TM would have on women in such circumstances. The effect of TM is actually quite profound.' Women in the organization, African Women and Girls Organization for Total Knowledge-Uganda, who began TM became better at dealing with the challenges in their lives, exhibiting greater ability to make choices, take initiative, persevere, and be resilient in the face of obstacles. (more)

Short Summaries of Top Stories

60,000 Congolese flee to Uganda after rebel attack
14 July 2013 - More than 60,000 Congolese have fled to Uganda after a rebel attack on a town near the border in a continuing influx that is stretching humanitarian capacities, an aid group said Sunday. The Uganda Red Cross has already registered 41,000 refugees and that 20,000 more are yet to go through that process, said spokeswoman Catherine Ntabadde. The refugees are entering Uganda though the frontier district of Bundibugyo and many have found temporary shelter on the campuses of three schools there, she said. The refugee influx continues three days after a Ugandan-led rebel group attacked Kamango town and killed some people on Thursday, according to Ugandan military officials who are concerned the rebels are about to launch a major assault on Ugandan territory. (more)

The high cost of hunger in Uganda
20 June 2013 - Malnutrition costs Uganda an estimated US$899 million annually -- as much as 5.6 percent of its GDP -- according to findings of a new report. 'Hunger and under-nutrition are both a cause and effect of poverty,' Sory Ouane, WFP's country director, said at the report's launch. 'Cutting hunger and achieving food and nutrition security in Africa is not only one of the most effective means of reducing vulnerability and enhancing the resilience of national economies, it also produces high returns for social and economic development.' Using data from 2009, the report estimated that child mortality associated with under-nutrition reduced Uganda's labour force by 3.8 per cent. This represents over 943 million working hours lost due to an absent workforce, costing the country nearly $317 million. In the educational sector, the study estimated that 7 per cent of repeated school years in Uganda are associated with stunting, representing 134,000 repetitions and an estimated cost of $9.5 million to the government and families. Treating clinical conditions related to malnutrition cost Uganda $254 million, while losses in productivity reached $201 million in manual sectors like agriculture and $116 million in non-manual activities. (more)

Politics, bribery charges swirl around Ugandan oil
18 May 2013 - Uganda (AP) - Even before the first drops flow, Uganda's oil sector is beset by bribery allegations against officials, tax-related cases abroad that cost the government millions in legal fees, and the alleged interference of a president whose firm control of the sector worries transparency campaigners. Uganda, which has confirmed oil deposits of about 3.5 billion barrels, wants to extract at least 1.2 billion barrels over the next three decades. That figure could rise when more oil blocks are put up for exploration later this year, potentially making Uganda one of Africa's top oil producers. But some experts and analysts worry that the country got off to a false start and remains too politically unstable to avoid some of the mistakes made by other oil-rich but otherwise poor countries. Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has reserved for himself the right to have the final say before any deals are signed with oil companies, saying that policy is to ensure the country's interests are always protected. But some critics say the president's close involvement is unhelpful to a country that needs to focus on building credible, transparent institutions to manage its oil wealth whether or not Museveni is around. (more)

Uganda government intimidating rights groups, HRW says
21 August 2012 - Rights groups in Uganda are facing increased harassment and intimidation from government officials, Human Rights Watch (HRW) said on Tuesday. The New York-based HRW said in a report that rising hostility from the government was making it difficult for civil society groups to freely conduct their work. President Yoweri Museveni, widely expected to seek a fifth term in office in 2016, has often criticised non-governmental organisations, accusing them of sabotaging government projects and representing the interests of foreign governments. In May Uganda accused British charity Oxfam of bringing disrepute to Museveni after it published a report detailing extensive land grabs by the government in alliance with a foreign company. (more)

Uganda: 100 women die in childbirth every week
13 June 2012 - More than 100 women die during childbirth each week in Uganda, a heartbreaking statistic that has energized activists to go to the Supreme Court in a bid to force the government to put more resources toward maternal health care to prevent the wave of deaths. Most of these deaths happen in villages where bad roads and poverty make it difficult for women to reach health centres. Even when they get there, the available care is poor. The Ugandan government employs only about half of the health professionals the country needs, according to Samuel Lyomoki, a lawmaker and physician. If the number rose to 65 per cent, Lyomoki said, Uganda's maternal mortality rate would fall substantially. Lyomoki said Uganda needs to hire 5,000 more medical workers and $60 million must be added to the health budget to accomplish that. Analysts say this money is available in a country where millions are lost every year through corruption and wasteful spending. Last year Uganda spent more than $700 million to acquire Russian-made fighter jets and military hardware when the country was not at war. (more)

Uganda could be next hit by malnutrition, UN warns
2 August 2011 - Uganda could be the next country hit by alarming malnutrition rates due to drought which has already sparked famine in southern Somalia and hunger in Kenya, Ethiopia, and Djibouti, the United Nations warned on Tuesday. Pockets of food insecurity have already been detected in drought-hit northern areas of Uganda, east Africa's third largest economy, the UN's Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) said. Prices for maize, Uganda's main crop, went up by 67 per cent between June and July due to a delay in the harvest and the effect of greater demand from neighbouring Kenya and southern Sudan. Famine has been declared in two regions of southern Somalia but may soon engulf as many as six more regions of the lawless nation. (more)

Uganda rebels continue central Africa attacks
24 May 2011 - A coalition of nearly 40 human rights groups called on the US to step up efforts to fight against a brutal Ugandan-led rebel group that has intensified its attacks in central Africa, especially in Congo's volatile northeast. Last May, President Barack Obama's administration signed into law an act that commits the US to help civilians threatened by the LRA. 'Many of us believed that President Obama's commitment to addressing the LRA threat would finally help stop our suffering,' said Abbe Benoit Kinalegu of the Catholic Justice and Peace Commission in Dungu. 'Yet one year later, we continue to live in fear as the LRA's attacks have shown no signs of decreasing.' The group Human Rights Watch also pinned some responsibility for atrocities on Congo's army. (more)

Uganda: Riots erupt leaving 2 dead after brutal arrest of top opposition politician
29 April 2011 - Army troops and police fired live bullets at rioting demonstrators Friday, and at least two people were killed and 120 wounded in the largest anti-government protest in sub-Saharan Africa this year. The breakout of violence came one day after a brutal takedown of the country's top opposition politician, Kizza Besigye. Police smashed through the window of Besigye's vehicle with the butt of a gun and doused him with tear gas at close range before bundling him into the back of a pickup truck and speeding off. 'They arrested him like a chicken thief. We cannot allow such things to continue. Museveni must go,' said Brown Ndese, one of the protesters. Uganda is a young country, with half its nearly 35 million citizens under 15. The average yearly income is just $1,200, though many here have hopes -- and fears -- over newly discovered oil that will soon be pumped. An oil curse has befallen other African countries, providing more incentive for corrupt leaders to remain in power in order to steal from public coffers. (more)

Ugandan LRA rebels abduct, kill hundreds - group
12 August 2010 - Uganda's Lord's Resistance Army rebels have abducted 697 people in central Africa in the past 18 months, killing many of them, according to a human rights group investigation. The group said these attacks have had a 'devastating impact' on communities, forcing up to 74,000 people to flee territories in southeastern Central African Republic and neighbouring northeastern Congo. The Human Rights Watch findings underlined the scale of the catastrophe that the United States is seeking to tackle with new legislation that requires it to develop a strategy to bring to justice Joseph Kony's LRA sect, which has relied on mysticism and violence in its fight against Uganda over 23 years. (more)

Uganda - Key political risks to watch
12 July 2010 - Suspected Somali Islamists carried out two bomb attacks late on Sunday in the Ugandan capital that killed at least 64 people as they watched the World Cup final. Uganda will become an oil-producing nation in 2011, allowing it to reduce its budget dependence on foreign aid and improve poor infrastructure. East Africa's third largest economy is seen growing between 7-8 per cent in 2010/11 from 5.6 per cent in 2009/10. Here are some of the factors to watch: (more)


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