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Austrian Federal Railways pilot adds PV solar generation to train lines
31 May 2018 - Rail operator Austrian Federal Railways (OBB) has opened what it believes is the world's first solar power plant designed specifically for pairing with the electric railway system. The new system adds a photovoltaic electricity generation farm directly into the rail system, directly powering the trains that run along the Ostbahn (Eastern Railway). (more)

Vienna spurns far-right politics to offer young migrants an education
28 March 2018 - Like most teenagers, Ranim has yet to decide on a career. But the 17-year-old is certain of one thing: She must keep studying to make up for the time she spent out of school, fleeing the war in Syria to reach Austria's capital. Each week she and about a thousand other refugees and asylum seekers attend a free, council-run college set up by Vienna's authorities to help young migrants learn German, get counselling, gain basic education, and integrate into society. (more)

Popular push for Austrian smoking ban gathers pace
20 February 2018 - More than 200,000 Austrians have signed a petition calling for a ban on smoking in bars and restaurants, campaign organizers said . . . Under the current system, parliament must hold a debate on any issue that draws 100,000 signatures. The rush to sign has been so great that there have been queues at local government offices and the Interior Ministry's computer system that manages online signatures has frequently collapsed. (more)

Austria joins up charging points to boost electric car usage
20 March 2017 - Austria is creating a nationwide network of charging stations for electric cars, making it easier for drivers to charge up as part of the country's efforts to promote the vehicles to reduce CO2 emissions. The move means drivers can sign up with any one of the 11 suppliers and use all the stations within the combined network, rather than have separate contracts with each company. (more)

At a castle in Austria, villagers and refugees celebrate Eid al-Adha
24 September 2015 - An ancient castle in an Austrian village somewhere between Vienna and Hungary is not where you would expect to see an Islamic celebration. But on Thursday, Austrians in the village of Bruckneudorf came together with Syrian and Iraqi refugees living among them to celebrate the Islamic holiday of Eid al-Adha. (more)

Vienna again tops survey of world's nicest cities
4 March 2015 - Vienna, Austria's elegant capital on the Danube River, has again been commended as offering the best quality of life of any city in the world. The consulting firm Mercer said German and Swiss cities also performed well in its annual quality of living rankings. Zurich, Munich, Duesseldorf, and Frankfurt remained in the top 10. (more)

Austria: Vienna's Jewish Museum returns painting seized by Nazis to heirs
19 September 2014 - A Jewish museum in Vienna returned a painting that was seized by the Nazis in 1938 to the artist's grandnieces on Friday, part of a wider move in Austria to deal with art illegally acquired after Germany annexed the country in 1938. The 1922 work 'The coffee hour. Fanny, the sister of the artist' by Jewish artist Jehudo Epstein, was handed to the granddaughter of the woman in the painting, Anne Starkey, who travelled from Britain to receive the piece, the museum said. (more)

Tourism boosts Austria's current account surplus
20 May 2014 - Austria's current-account surplus grew to 2.7 per cent of gross domestic product in 2013 as record tourism boosted service revenues and its merchandise trade deficit narrowed. (more)

Austria: Vienna orchestra to return Nazi-looted painting
14 April 2014 - The Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra will return to a French family a valuable painting that was looted by the Nazis and given to the orchestra as a gift in 1940 by a Viennese secret police official. The heirs of the painting's late owner, Marcel Koch, will receive 'Port-en-Bessin' by neo-Impressionist Paul Signac at a ceremony this year, the orchestra said on Saturday, announcing the latest step to address its past association with Nazism. (more)

Vienna Philharmonic wins Birgit Nilsson Prize
9 April 2014 - The Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra added a prestigious feather to its cap Wednesday, with the Birgit Nilsson Foundation picking it as this year's winner of its $1-million prize named after the late Swedish soprano. It is the first time an orchestra has been chosen since the prize was launched in 2009. The Birgit Nilsson prize adds to the list of honours accorded to the Viennese ensemble, which is recognized as one of the world's greatest. (more)

Success of Maharishi's Programmes
Short Summaries of Top Stories

Model of Veda in human physiology presented in Vienna by Austrian physician who helped develop it
6 March 2013 - The centre for Maharishi Ayur-Veda health care and the Transcendental Meditation programme in Vienna, Austria, hosted a special event during which a beautifully designed model of human physiology was used to illustrate the precise correlations between the various aspects of the physiology and the sounds of the Veda and Vedic Literature. Dr Rainer Picha, an Austrian cardiologist who worked closely with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and scientists in Holland in the model's development, demonstrated how the sounds of the Veda, which Maharishi explained are the basic building blocks of creation, resonate within the physiology, awakening its deep inner intelligence and creating a nourishing, healing effect. (more)

Austria: Maharishi Ayur-Veda offers physician training, burnout prevention programmes
10 July 2011 - Special courses and training programmes for medical professionals and business people--including stress management and burnout prevention--are being offered in Austria, among many initiatives to make the benefits of Maharishi Ayur-Veda natural health care widely available in the country. (more)

Austria: Maharishi Health School planned to improve health of the younger generation
10 July 2011 - Among programmes being developed to promote good health for the population of Austria, plans are underway to create a Maharishi Health School in Vienna. Health schools are one of the main topics for the future in education in developed countries, mainly because the health status of the young generation is dramatically declining, experts say. The Maharishi Health School in Vienna is envisioned as a means to address this critical need in public health, starting with primary school children and focusing on health and development of consciousness. (more)

Austria: New Maharishi Ayurveda health centre will be Europe's first built according to Vastu architecture
10 July 2011 - Austria is a key centre for the knowledge and practical application of Maharishi Ayurveda health care in Europe. Many initiatives are being developed to bring the benefits of the world's oldest and most complete, natural, and prevention-oriented system of medicine to medical professionals and the public, with the aim of promoting perfect health in the whole society. (more)

Maharishi Ayur-Veda Health Centre to be built in Austria
18 August 2010 - A grand new Maharishi Ayur-Veda Health Centre and hotel for seminars is to be built in Austria. The Health Centre, featuring on-site natural healing hot springs, will be an exemplary facility in the world. It will also be a perfect Vastu--built according to principles of Vedic Architecture, Maharishi Sthapatya Veda. (more)

Unity in diversity: Celebrating the message of Maharishi's first historic visit to Austria
18 August 2010 - The theme of unity in diversity, brought to light by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi during his first visit to Austria nearly 50 years ago, was celebrated in a recent presentation in that country. In 1962 Maharishi explained that, while differences remain on the surface level of different countries and different religions, there is an underlying level of unity that can be experienced by anyone: Unity will blossom in society based on each individual's growing experience of bliss through the practice of Transcendental Meditation. (more)

Maharishi's programmes in health, education, and business blossoming in Austria
10 February 2009 - Maharishi's programmes in Austria are expanding in many areas, including the fields of health, education, and business. More people are learning Transcendental Meditation and Yogic Flying; and new facilities are planned for Maharishi Ayur-Veda health care and Consciousness-Based education. (more)

Rising interest in Maharishi's programmes in Austria
6 November 2008 - Raja Dean Dodrill, Raja (Administrator) of Invincible Austria for the Global Country of World Peace, recently reported increasing interest in Maharishi's programmes in that nation, particularly the Transcendental Meditation Programme and its advanced techniques. (more)

Austria: Luxury spa to offer Maharishi Vedic Health programmes
4 September 2008 - Speaking 29 August 2008 on Maharishi Global Family Chat, Raja Dean Dodrill, Raja of Invincible Austria for the Global Country of World Peace, reported plans for a luxury spa in his domain, to offer all of the health programmes of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. (more)

Invincible Austria University launch stirs collective consciousness during visit of Dr David Lynch
15 November 2007 - Dr Lothar Krenner, National Leader and Founder of Invincibility for Austria, reported on the successful launch of Invincible Austria University during the recent two-day visit by a delegation of leaders of the Global Country of World Peace that included Dr David Lynch. (more)

Short Summaries of Top Stories

Austria finds some egg products contaminated with insecticide
14 August 2017 - Tests show that some imported egg products in Austria have been contaminated with a potentially harmful insecticide, Austria's food safety agency said on Monday (14 August) adding to the list of countries affected by an international health scare. Millions of chicken eggs have been pulled from European supermarket shelves as a result of the scare over the use of the insecticide fipronil, and hundreds of thousands of hens may be culled in the Netherlands. ... fipronil is considered moderately toxic and can cause organ damage in humans. Germany received at least 28 million possibly contaminated eggs, nearly three times the number previously reported . . . (more)

Austria accused of violating child rights
14 October 2010 - Austria should stop detaining children and halt the deportations of well-integrated foreign families that are denied asylum, Amnesty International and three other groups urged Thursday. The country also should better protect the rights of non-Austrian minors and become more lenient about allowing young asylum seekers and their parents to stay on humanitarian grounds, the organizations, which include Caritas, SOS Kinderdorf, and Diakonie, said in a letter to lawmakers. The appeal comes just days after two 8-year-old twins were taken into custody with their father in an early morning raid and deported back to their native Kosovo. Their mother, who is in psychiatric care, stayed behind. The four had lived in Austria since 2004 but were expelled after being denied asylum and refusing to leave on their own. (more)

Genetically modified maize found to affect reproduction in mice: Austrian study
23 November 2008 - Initial findings in an Austrian study show that genetically modified maize can affect reproduction in mice. The mice fed a diet consisting of genetically modified (GM) maize had smaller litters and fewer babies after several generations than those mice that were fed non-GM maize. The authors of the study, however, have dismissed the idea that this same result can happen in humans and say more studies are needed. (more)

Plot shows rise of extremism in Europe
13 August 2006 - From the squalid suburbs north of Paris to the gritty streets of Sarajevo, young, disaffected Muslims are increasingly receptive to hard-liners looking to recruit foot soldiers for holy war, European counterterrorism officials and religious leaders warn. (more)

Austria trade union federation head quits
28 March 2006 - The head of Austria's trade union federation stepped down Monday after revelations that he knew about the use of union funds to underwrite huge losses made by Bank Fuer Arbeit und Wirtschaft AG (BAWAG). BAWAG's supervisory board also announced the resignations of half its members linked to BAWAG's past financial misfortunes. (more)

UN to inspect Iran nuclear enrichment programme
26 March 2006 - After a planned trip to Natanz, Iran, UN inspectors should know by next week how far Iran has advanced on the path to nuclear enrichment. Rankled by US assertions that an International Atomic Energy Agency briefing on the advances made by Iran on enrichment was a 'bombshell', a senior agency official said that the statement 'comes from people who are seeking a crisis, not a solution' to the confrontation over Iran. (more)

Glacial cover-up won't stop global warming
17 July 2005 - Most of Austria's 925 glaciers have been receding under decades of global warming. In the Tyrol region ski-lift operators are fighting the melt by covering the glaciers with white plastic or foil that keeps the cold in and the heat out. This summer they have covered the weakest spots, about 5 per cent of the region's ski areas, knowing they can't save whole glaciers, only slow the shrinkage. (more)


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