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Dr David Lynch and Donovan visit Scotland - Invincible Donovan University - Part III
by Global Good News Staff Writer

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6 November 2007

During a recent Global Family Chat broadcast by the Maharishi Channel, Dr Peter Warburton, Raja (Administrator) of England for the Global Country of World Peace, spoke about the response in Glasgow to having Invincible Donovan University established there.

Please see Part I and Part II of this article.

Dr Warburton reported that in Glasgow there is a very beautiful site with the water to the north, and the chief planner said he wanted to find out what the new university would be like.

'So he called the chief planner in the area of West Lancashire, where our Ideal Sidhaland Community is located with a Maharishi School and the Golden Dome,' said Dr Warburton. 'The chief planner in that area told him how fantastic it was, and he should definitely go for it.'

The chief planner of West Lancashire mentioned that the Ideal Community had won a national award for regeneration of the area, and the award was granted because of the integrated nature of the development, taking into account health and education, housing and business, all founded on the benefits and practice of Transcendental Meditation bringing coherence to society. That award was granted nationally, and when the planners in Scotland heard about that, they had the same response—they want to have the University there in Glasgow as well as Edinburgh.

Dr Warburton said that in one article Donovan said he would like to be involved with some teaching at the University, particularly in relation to music, but his role would be mainly with the steering group for the project. Donovan had said he believed meditation could lead to total enlightenment, which, if enough people experience it and practise it, could lead to a more peaceful Scotland, and even help to eradicate terrorism.

Dr Warburton then reported on 'the most extraordinary event in the Glasgow film theatre', which was an absolutely packed theatre—so many people trying to get in they had to get extra security staff to protect the entrance—and it was a very powerful evening.

The people on the tour said it was probably the most powerful event they've witnessed of all of David Lynch's events in the last few months. Dr Lynch was taking questions directly from the audience, and they were coming very fast, at least 30 questions within his 45 minute talk; in fact it extended to an hour before Donovan performed. Twenty-nine of those 30 questions were about Transcendental Meditation and bringing it into schools. There was just one question about films.

When asked about going to Israel, Dr Lynch spoke in a very powerful voice, saying: 'Yes, I did go to Israel. I met the President, I met the Prime Minister, I met the Minister of Education. I spoke at colleges and schools all over the country, and what I gave them was the message of peace. I gave them the message of Transcendental Meditation and how it can create peace, not only in Israel, but throughout the Middle East.'

When he got to the end of this beautiful answer, there was a huge cheer, people were cheering and shouting and clapping in the auditorium, so the evening got off to a terrific start, said Dr Warburton.

'Then Donovan sang,' said Dr Warburton, 'and he was in his home city. Everybody says that he sang in a way that they've never heard him sing before. He told stories of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Founder of the Global Country of World Peace, and then he'd sing a song that he'd written with Maharishi.

'Then he'd say, ''I've got a verse here that George Harrison gave me. We were sitting on the roof in Rishikesh [Maharishi's Academy in India, where he trained Teachers of Transcendental Meditation] and he wrote this verse for my song, but it was basically saying that, that which is ancient and eternal, that which is always hidden from view, that is what is now coming to view again. This is one of the verses in the song 'Hurdy Gurdy Man' which is about Maharishi's knowledge.'' So it was a beautiful inspiring evening,' Dr Warburton said.

He said there was also another very interesting meeting: the top arts, drama, and music institution in Scotland is the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama. The principal and board of the Academy had invited David Lynch and Donovan to come there and speak to them, and the whole school turned out for what they called a Master Class, which was presented by David Lynch and Donovan.

It was a Master Class that was really on how to be the supreme artist through the practice of Transcendental Meditation, folowed by a private meeting afterwards with all the professors and board and principal of the Academy. Again, this meeting was totally positive. They were told about the idea of starting a university in Scotland and what could be achieved for Scottish education.

So, Dr Warburton said, 'We have not only have contact in the government, we have this top Scottish educational institution, and it was to the point where we can now propose to them a collaboration with Donovan's new University.' He again noted the great response in the press, and that another meeting was held in Edinburgh with 1000 people, also featuring David Lynch and Donovan

'It has been quite a week in the United Kingdom,' he continued. 'We noticed today that the Prime Minister's website has two petitions on it, one petition for introducing Transcendental Meditation (TM) in schools in Britain in response to the call of David Lynch and Donovan, and another petition, about not introducing it!

'We don't mind that!' responded Dr Warburton. 'Let there be a debate and we'll see who gains the most votes, but we know it will happen. Schools are approaching us every day, another one or two schools coming forward saying we'd like to introduce TM as a result of this great wave of publicity.

The debate had started earlier in the week, with an article appearing just after David Lynch and Donovan arrived in the country, with the headline: 'Meditation classes can save children' and a beautiful photograph of David Lynch holding his book, Catching the Big Fish, and Donovan holding his special guitar, which he loves very much because it produces beautiful music. Donovan is working on the song that Maharishi gave him, Invincible Donovan. He's producing some beautiful lyrics for that and it will be released soon.

Dr Warburton also spoke about a report issued by the Press Association that came out in many papers: 'The 60 year old director David Lynch who has donated millions to encourage the introduction of TM in schools, says ''The technique of TM has seen a drop in stabbings, violence, big depressions, suicides and drugs in some of the worst schools in the US you can imagine.'' ' The article also mentioned that Dr Lynch would be speaking at the London Film Festival.

Dr Warburton quoted three further very beautifully written, supportive articles, which included such sentences as, 'The schools in Britain are in as much trouble as schools in America.

'The benefit to Glasgow would be the pupils would have an incredible school, have their potential unfolded and live in a stress free environment.'

So this tour 'has really shaken Scottish national consciousness', said Dr Warburton. 'It was a really good wave of invincibility for Scotland coming through the media, but also meetings with the government, with educational institutions and the public, and everywhere an astounding, positive response, a thrilling enthusiasm for the message, and enthusiasm for those who are delivering the message, Donovan and Dr David Lynch, Dr Bevan Morris, and Dr John Hagelin.

'Now it depends on the deserving ability of Scottish national consciousness how that actually carries through and develops,' said Dr Warburton, 'but with these responses from the planners wanting to have the University in the locations in Edinburgh and in Glasgow, and with all the other support, we see no reason why Invincible Donovan University should not be rising very soon in Scotland, bringing enlightenment to the youth of Scotland and Invincibility to the national consciousness of Scotland.'

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